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Hybrid Learning Degrees

One year after path forward announcement, Unity College doubles enrollment

Turn your love of nature

into a career with Hybrid Learning

With the ever-changing environment, the demand for careers which protect our planet and natural resources are increasingly critical. Prepare for a meaningful career addressing urgent environmental issues.  

According to a recent survey, 94% of a recent graduating class were employed or attending graduate school within six months of commencement.

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The Hybrid Learning Advantage

Earn up to 6 credits every 6 weeks on your terms with these Hybrid Learning advantages.

Flexible + Affordable + Accessible

Design your education to fit your educational, professional, financial and personal goals.  

Control your pace of study and manage your costs of attendance.

With hybrid learning, you can: 

  • Jump start your degree by taking classes right after your high school graduation
  • Accelerate your degree by doing the maximum course load for all available annual terms
  • Extend your summer job into the fall to maximize your earning potential during the most active tourism season
  • Jump into classes after basic training for the National Guard
  • Complete an off-season internship! Check out all the places Unity College students intern: 


  • Start classes online as active military and finish in-person after you’re discharged
  • Stop out for up to 3 terms to deal with a family obligation, trainings or a vacation, etc.
  • Start a full-time job, but still finish your degree on-time
  • Arrange classes around seasonal sports or hobbies

Get a private school education for public school costs

Unity College undergraduate tuition and fees are so affordable, they rival the cost of attending a public school. For students in hybrid learning taking 24 credits a year, the cost of tuition and fees is only about $1000 more than attending a public institution. And, for those who qualify, that amount may be covered by financial aid.


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