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Unity Environmental University Social Media and Websites

We encourage you to follow us through the official Unity Environmental University social media outlets and on our websites. There you will find updates and official messages from the College along with opportunities to engage with the exciting work happening at Unity Environmental University! 

Please note that Unity Environmental University is not affiliated with other social media pages outside those listed below and is not responsible for the accuracy, opinion or content outside our official pages. Unity Environmental University is not affiliated with any closed Facebook groups, as all official Unity Environmental University Facebook pages are open and available to the public. You will never be invited to join a closed group by someone on behalf of Unity Environmental University. Unity Environmental University does not recognize, maintain, or endorse any web pages outside of Any group or page outside those listed here is considered unofficial and is in no way affiliated with Unity Environmental University.

If you have questions about our social media presence or information you’ve received about Unity Environmental University through social media or on websites, please contact us at

What are the official social media pages for Unity Environmental University?







What are the official Unity Environmental University websites?

All variations ending in are official: 

Last Updated on November 17, 2023