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An owl with golden eyes sits behind the text "Mission, Vision, & Core Values."

Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Vision Statement

“A multifaceted organization recognized as the thought leader in global ecological, economic, and societal solutions.”

Mission Statement

“We are dedicated to delivering quality education and experiences that produce outstanding environmentally competent professionals and inspire individuals from all walks of life to steward sustainable ecosystems.”

Unity’s Core Value Statements

In pursuing Unity Environmental University’s vision and mission, we are committed to following these eight core values:

  • Respect establishes trust. We honor the intrinsic value of self, others, and the world we share.
  • Integrity aligns our actions and values. We act with purposeful reflection to uphold our vision and mission.
  • Social Responsibility calls us to act. We prepare leaders to address civic engagement in light of environmental concerns.
  • Community has no boundaries. We connect through inclusive engagement locally and globally.
  • Resiliency demonstrates flexibility. We develop the capacity of people, systems, and environments to anticipate and respond to change.
  • Cultural Competency recognizes differences as strength. We explore and value the strengths, talents, and perspectives of others in order to foster strong relationships.
  • Innovation keeps us relevant. We have the courage to question our assumptions, embrace creativity, and take calculated risks.
  • Accountability starts with us. Our actions demonstrate ownership of our work and responsibility for measurable outcomes.