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July 22, 2024

Working Within The Enterprise Model at Unity Environmental University

Working within the Enterprise Model at Unity Environmental University

Dr. Melik Khoury, President and CEO of Unity College

July 22, 2024

Melik’s Memo: July 2024

There is much to celebrate as we kick off the ’24-’25 school year at Unity Environmental University. As colleges and universities across the nation are facing challenges due to the demographic cliff, which has resulted in lower enrollment rates and financial instability within the sector, I am proud to announce that Unity has successfully bucked… Read more »

July 16, 2024

Unity Environmental University Announces Andy Brooks as New Trustee

Unity Environmental University has announced the appointment of Andy Brooks as a new member of its Board of Trustees. Mr. Brooks brings a wealth of experience in finance, leadership, and strategic growth to the University, particularly within the realm of innovative health and technology companies. In his current role, Mr. Brooks serves as consulting Chief… Read more »

a scientist taking a biodiversity sample from a wild mushroom

July 01, 2024

What Is Biodiversity? Why We Need To Take Action To Save It

Across the world, biodiversity is being threatened. But, what does biodiversity mean, and how can we protect it? If you want to positively impact the planet, this article is for you!  Ecosystems are complex webs of interactions between all their elements. For example, when an animal becomes endangered, its population decline has rippling effects throughout… Read more »

June 17, 2024

Unity Environmental University Announces Minimum Wage Pay Increase

Unity Environmental University, a leader in environmental-based education, announced an increase in employee compensation, effective July 1, 2024. This initiative reflects the university’s unwavering commitment to its employees, ensuring they can afford a comfortable standard of living in Maine. Maine Living Wage Commitment Salaried Employee Minimum Increase: The minimum annual salary for full-time, benefit-eligible Maine-based… Read more »

June 17, 2024

Unity Environmental University Distance Education Announces Student Tuition Freeze Through 2030 as University Doubles Down on Student Success Efforts

For the sixth year in a row, Unity Environmental University Distance Education announces it will not raise tuition, and is committing to another six years of flat tuition through 2030, reflecting the institution’s dedication to keeping education affordable to all students. “Real educational equity requires real change from within. For too long, too many people… Read more »

June 14, 2024

The Importance of Sustainable Culinary Entrepreneurship

The plant-based food movement signifies a profound change in how people approach their dietary habits, recognizing the interconnectedness of food choices, personal health, and the well-being of the planet. As awareness grows regarding the impact of dietary decisions on both individual health and the sustainability of essential resources like water, land, and climate, specialized companies… Read more »

June 14, 2024

Regenerative Food Systems: A Holistic Approach for Global Well-being

The global food system plays a crucial role in our daily lives, providing us with sustenance and nutrition. However, traditional agricultural practices have taken a toll on the environment, leading to soil degradation, water pollution, and biodiversity loss. The concept of regenerative food systems has emerged to address these pressing issues and create a more… Read more »

June 05, 2024

Unity Environmental University Joins Group of Maine Independent Colleges Guaranteeing Maine Community College Direct Transfer Path

Community college graduates in Maine can now transfer directly to degree programs at Unity Environmental University along with five other independent four-year colleges under the new Maine Transfer Guarantee announced Wednesday. “The Maine Transfer Guarantee takes the guesswork out of higher ed planning for many Maine students and families,” said David Daigler, president of the… Read more »

a military member holding college books in front of an American flag

May 30, 2024

College After Military: 6 Tips For Choosing Your School

College after military service can be an important stepping stone for veterans to re-enter the civilian world and expand on their professional training. While going to college after the military may seem daunting, it doesn’t need to be. Many veterans are eligible for government funding to cover up to three years of higher education. Why… Read more »

a scientist studying microplastics using a tweezer

May 22, 2024

What Are Microplastics In The Ocean? How We Can Combat It

Plastic is everywhere in our modern world, and a lot of it ends up as microplastics in the ocean. This harms sea animals and people, but there are strategies to reduce microplastic pollution. Plastic materials are by far the most common type of debris found in the ocean. The US and other countries must act… Read more »

a training session with a large group of learners

May 08, 2024

Training Vs. Education: What’s The Difference?

If you are looking to advance in your field or improve your earning potential, you may be wondering whether workforce training vs. education through a formal degree program is the best route for you. Though the words training and education are often used interchangeably, they are fundamentally different. The biggest difference between training and education is that one focuses… Read more »

May 08, 2024

10 Tips For Taking Online Classes In College

Online classes are appealing to many students looking for flexibility and convenience, but do they have the same educational value as in-person classes? Check out our tips for taking online classes to ensure a high-quality learning experience.  With these tips, you will learn how to be a successful online student, how to manage your time… Read more »

Dr. Melik Khoury, President and CEO of Unity College

May 06, 2024

Melik’s Memo: May 2024

Spring is in the air and the team at Unity Environmental University is preparing to graduate another class of environmental superheroes. This year we anticipate that the University will confer more than 650 degrees, and we’re excited to have more than 100 of those students along with their families and friends joining us to walk… Read more »

April 26, 2024

Unity Environmental University Announces Kristy Drutman as Commencement Speaker for Class of 2024

Unity Environmental University is proud to announce Kristy Drutman, renowned environmental educator and media producer, as the commencement speaker for the Class of 2024. Drutman, popularly known as “Browngirl Green,” is celebrated for her passionate advocacy in environmentalism, diversity, and media. As a leading voice in the environmental movement, her expertise lies in educating and… Read more »

Photos of Unity Environmental Universities new programs.

April 09, 2024

Unity Environmental University Announces Launch of Six New Academic Programs

Unity Environmental University Announces Launch of Six New Academic Programs Unity Environmental University announces the expansion of our Sustainable Food Systems and Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism programming suites. The expansion includes six new programs designed to prepare students for future careers in the rapidly growing green economy. These new offerings are part of the university’s… Read more »

an environmental scientist inspecting a tree in a forest

April 02, 2024

What Are Green Jobs? Why They Are Becoming More Important

What exactly does it mean to work in a green industry? Let’s answer the questions of what is the green economy, what are green jobs, and what impact do they have on the world. Seeing the negative effects of global warming firsthand can feel hopeless, especially as a young person, but there is hope. There… Read more »

a graduation cap sitting on top of a university diploma

April 02, 2024

Master’s Vs. Bachelor’s Degree: What’s The Difference?

Higher education has the power to transform your life, but understanding the different types of degrees can be confusing. To help, let’s break down exactly what master’s vs bachelor’s degrees are. When you go to a university, you can earn an undergraduate degree called a baccalaureate or a graduate degree called a master’s. The exact… Read more »

March 12, 2024

Get Down to College Business: An Operating Model That Leads to Enrollment Growth

Join Sarah Holtan, PhD, as she sits down with Melik Peter Khoury, DBA, President of Unity Environmental University to navigate the dynamic landscape of contemporary higher education in an era that demands educational innovation. Learn how Unity’s revolutionary strategies have shattered the conventional and elevated the institution to new heights of enrollment and fiscal prosperity.… Read more »

March 10, 2024

Courageous Innovation with Accreditor Support

President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, was featured in the latest episode of the EdUp Accreditation Insights Podcast with hosts Dr Laurie Shanderson and Leamor Kahanov. In the episode, they delve deep into the transformative journey of our university. The discussion highlights Dr. Khoury’s commitment to flexibility, affordability, accessibility, and student-centric approaches. Some key topics include… Read more »