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Plant scientists inspect greenery in a lab

April 28, 2020

How to Become a Botanist

At the most basic level, botany is plant biology –the study of all plant life; from teeny tiny microorganisms to gigantic, towering trees. Botanists conduct research on plant life. Some specialize in broad areas like agriculture, nutrition, medicine, and the environment, while others choose a more specific focus within these categories.

Covid-19 Interview

April 09, 2020

Navigating a Job Search During COVID-19

A job search can be exciting and motivating as you start to see your next professional step unfold, however it also comes with its own set of challenges.  When you bring the COVID-19 pandemic into the fold, it’s easy to feel like giving up. While many employers are slowing down their hiring processes or freezing… Read more »

Hemp products

April 03, 2020

3 Ways the Hemp Industry is Changing Agriculture and the Economy Forever

Are you looking for an industry that’s seen an incredible 455% boost in productivity since 2018? Look no further than the booming hemp industry.

March 09, 2020

Jordan Leavitt ’19

So tell me a bit more about Terracon, and what you do there.  I do a lot of administrative work, dispatching technicians to the field and lab tests to the lab. I finalize field and lab reports as they come in, and I am in charge of field equipment, including calibration maintenance. Previously, I worked… Read more »

Unity College Distance Education Sustainable Business Management: Hemp Industry and Science

March 04, 2020

Unity College adds sustainable business degree in hemp to its Distance Education portfolio

Program to offer students insight into the accounting, finance, and macroeconomics in an industry projected to grow to $2 billion in two years

Hilary Irons Spiral Staircase at the Unity College Center for the Arts

March 03, 2020

UCCA hosts Hilary Irons, ‘The Spiral Staircase’

Unity College Center for the Arts will host a show of paintings by Hilary Irons titled “The Spiral Staircase.” The show will run at the UCCA’s Leonard R. Craig Gallery through March 28, and an opening reception will be held Thursday, March 5 from 4 to 6 p.m. The reception is free and open to… Read more »

February 25, 2020

Data and the Deep Sea: 4 Ways Marine Biologists Use Data and Scientific Analysis to Save the Oceans

Rigorous data collection and analysis are needed to develop solutions that reduce the stressors that coastal and marine ecosystems must face. Here are four important ways marine biologists are using data to create healthier, more sustainable marine environments.

February 25, 2020

Ocean Jobs: A Marine Careers List For Water Lovers

When we hear the term marine biology, some of us may imagine a scientist testing aquatic samples in a laboratory or a scuba diver observing the beauty of underwater wildlife. Whether you want to stay dry on land or get your feet wet, there are several different aquatic science careers that you can pursue.

Distance Education job openings

February 25, 2020

A dozen new opportunities to join Unity College’s Distance Education team

After doubling enrollment every year since its inception, Unity College Distance Education seeks new team members

February 20, 2020

Leslie Dorsey ’11

“I loved everything about my time at Unity! I feel so lucky to have been able to get connected in the school community.”

February 20, 2020

Devon Ramia ’07

Unity College gave me the education, drive, and passion I needed! I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am today without my years at Unity.

Military Friendly Logo

February 11, 2020

Unity College Earns 2020-2021 Military Friendly® School Designation

Unity College announced today that it has earned the 2020-2021 Military Friendly® School designation. Institutions earning the Military Friendly® School designation were evaluated using both public data sources and responses from a proprietary survey. More than 1,000 schools participated in the 2020-2021 survey with 695 earning the designation.  The 2020-­2021 Military Friendly® Schools list will… Read more »

prentice all over by Freddy LaFage

February 06, 2020

UCCA hosts Freddy LaFage ‘Surveyor’

Unity College Center for the Arts will host a show of paintings by Freddy LeFage titled “Surveyor.” The show will run at the UCCA’s Leonard R. Craig Gallery through February 22, and an opening reception will be held Thursday, February 13 from 4 to 6 pm. Refreshments will be provided. The reception is free and… Read more »


February 04, 2020

Top 7 Highest Paying Environmental Careers

As the world continues to turn to green technologies for fuel, energy, and to reduce the environmental impact of human activity, there is also an increase in the need to fill environmental jobs. New types of specialists are needed to control or fix environmental problems or develop plans to prevent the harmful effects of forest fires and pollution.

January 29, 2020

Matt Schnebly ’16

Environmental Technician at the Stamford, Connecticut Water Pollution Control Authority

January 29, 2020

Sally Carullo ’16

Hydrologic Technician, USGS Pacific Islands Water Science Center

Unity College Wood Turtle Project awarded nearly $47,000 in grant money to further research

January 24, 2020

Unity College Wood Turtle Project awarded nearly $47,000 in grant money to further research

Program looks to save this ‘species of special concern’ in Maine and beyond

January 21, 2020

From Boston to South Korea, Unity College students make the most of their internships

Internships are one of the pillars of a Unity College education, and even though students receive ample opportunities to get hands-on education through the College’s experiential curriculum, nothing can quite compare to getting out in the field alongside your future peers. In recent years, Unity College has placed an emphasis on students applying for and… Read more »

New Distance Education Degrees Banner

January 10, 2020

Unity College adds five new degree programs to Distance Education

Three new bachelor’s degrees and two new master’s programs respond to market demand in reaching new learners across the country

January 09, 2020

For the Love of the Environment: Nine Exciting Courses for Non-Degree Students

Unity Distance Education Online is known for its innovative online environmental undergraduate and graduate degree programs, but did you know you can enroll in a single class? Expand your horizons, learn something fascinating, and maybe even enhance your career with one of these amazing online environmental courses from Unity. Undergraduate Courses From in-depth environmental science… Read more »