Today’s industry leaders are often faced with a variety of issues concerning sustainability and social responsibility in the workplace, so professionals in a wide range of fields are choosing to head back to the classroom to stay current on environmental issues.  Earning a sustainable master’s degree, or green MBA, will not only develop students’ expertise on this rapidly evolving field but will also expand their career opportunities and income potential. An MBA in sustainability provides the foundation for leading a business that is profitable, productive, and good for the planet.

This specialized MBA builds off of the communication, analysis, and research skills that professionals with a liberal arts foundation already possess, helping students develop a deeper understanding of the complex issues that they face in their careers. A green MBA equips students with the knowledge and skills to bring social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental awareness to the workplace.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key component in moving towards a cleaner and more productive planet. Earning a green MBA enables professionals to incorporate sustainability concepts into their workplace.  They can spread education and mindfulness to help get the “conservation conversation” rolling across industries. With a green MBA, students acquire the resources to run businesses that seek innovative ways to tackle complex environmental issues.


In a green sustainable MBA graduate degree program, students learn a variety of techniques to implement sustainable practices into their work, focusing on both economic and social development, and environmental protection within the workplace. Implementing sustainability practices in the workplace benefits both business and the planet, without sacrificing productivity or profit. Professionals with advanced business degrees focusing on sustainability learn how to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all areas of their business, including marketing, business ethics, accounting, business law, and government relations, thereby creating a greener, more productive business in the process. Sustainability is not just about recycling and using energy efficient light bulbs; it is a mindset that starts in the classroom and is carried out in the workplace.

Environmental Concerns

A green MBA empowers professionals to embrace environmental changes with confidence. In a world where the environment is changing as rapidly as the job market, students with this degree are prepared with the information and tools they need to take action when presented with environmental challenges that directly affect their careers. Wildlife protection, climate change, and establishing healthy workplace conditions are just a few of the issues that leaders with this advanced degree can address with professionalism in their careers.

Spreading the Word

Students who earn a green MBA can use what they have learned to educate others in the workplace through training sessions, retreats, and workshops. They learn how to train, teach, inspire, and empower colleagues to work towards a greener and more sustainable work environment. A green MBA program provides access to specialized areas of interest, including an in-depth understanding of concepts (such as optimizing the supply chain), focused environmental assessments, hands-on learning and field study, small class sizes for individualized attention, and state of the art geo-science labs. Students can take what they learn in the classroom and apply those lessons to real-world scenarios.

A green MBA can also open up new opportunities for advancement in the workplace. Earning a green MBA gives students an advantage when applying for higher level positions. Some of the highest paid positions in sustainability include chief sustainability executives, chemical and environmental engineers, and campus sustainability managers, all of which are within reach with a green MBA.

A sustainable MBA will step up a working professional’s game in addressing social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental concerns in the workplace. Earning an advanced degree in sustainability science is essential for environmental professionals who are serious about leading businesses that make an impact in their field and on the planet.

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