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Unity College Announces Pandemic Lockdown Lift

June 3, 2021

School to Welcome Back Students While Keeping Tuition Rate Flat

After a year of lockdown due to the pandemic Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury announces the reopening of the school’s 90 Quaker Hill Road campus to students and the public. This also includes the reopening of Quimby Library. The lockdown lift and library reopening are both set for August 2nd, 2021.

Hybrid Learning students will have the option of continuing to take courses online, or in-person at 90 Quaker Hill Road. Residence halls and dining services will be available to all returning Hybrid Learning students.

“We believe an in-person learning experience is an important part of our educational mission and Unity College is doing everything possible to ensure students have that option. Now that we are post-pandemic, we have a great opportunity to realize the full potential of Hybrid Learning at Unity College. Thanks to our flexible non-standard term model we can adjust quickly to meet student needs, whether they want to learn in person or remotely,” said Vice President of Hybrid Learning Zachary Falcon.

“As an institution, based on our Path Forward, we have created an economy of scale that allows us to continue operating our 90 Quaker Hill Campus even with reduced post-pandemic residential demand. This is exactly how we intended the Enterprise Model to work. As student needs change, we are adjusting with them. We are meeting students where they are. We have returning students ready to come back residentially and the majority of our incoming hybrid students are excited to begin their general education courses online,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury.

All students returning to in-person courses at 90 Quaker Hill Road will need to be vaccinated and the college will be following all mask guidelines as set forth by the CDC. Students who choose to forgo vaccination will still be welcome to continue remote learning.

“This is to ensure the utmost safety of our students and staff as we continue to navigate through the ongoing pandemic. By taking swift action early on, Unity College is proud to say we avoided any outbreaks on-campus and we plan to keep it that way going forward” said Dr. Khoury.

The college will also be keeping tuition flat throughout all programs as it remains committed to offering the most affordable and accessible environmental education possible.

“Unity College Students and their families have more on their plate than ever before, and I am proud that we are able to help provide a sense of financial stability – even as many colleges have been forced to raise rates during the pandemic,” said Student Financial and Enrollment Services Director Sherry Watson.

The college continues to innovate new ways to serve our students. Boosted by the exponential growth of the school’s Distance Education program, Unity College has seen institution-wide enrollment rise over the past 18 months, with more projected growth heading into 2021-22.

“With the growth of our Distance Education Program and plans to open the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions later this fall, an education at America’s Environmental College is more accessible than ever before. We are proud to open doors for students who may have never otherwise had the chance to get this kind of quality, high level of education in the past,” said Dr. Khoury.