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Enterprise Model

Creating a sustainable future

starts with reimagining college.

We want to change the way people think about sustainability and the future of the environment. And part of that process is redefining what a college is and how it works.

We adopted the Enterprise Education Model in 2017. This forward-thinking, entrepreneurial approach helps us make knowledge and experience more accessible to more people. Because changing the world starts with changing education.

What is an enterprise model?

Unity’s Enterprise Education Model is an operational structure. It functions similarly to state college systems, which have different universities and services that function independently and use centralized services.

Our enterprise model is split into four distinct units:

They share services but operate independently, so we can adapt to meet the needs of learners, clients and partners now and in the future.

Sustainable ventures

Our sustainable ventures diversify our revenue streams and give students an opportunity to learn how different types of businesses work while they earn money for their education.

These opportunities include: