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Administrative Units

Unity College adopted an Enterprise Education model in 2017 as our organizational structure. Within this model, work Units are organized under Functional Areas, and Units are either centralized or decentralized.

Centralized Units

Those Units that best serve UCE and SEBUs by being coordinated and standardized across Unity College [UC]. These units are shared services and represent the institutional perspective. Centralized Units are supervised by Chief Officers [CO] or the Heads of the Functional Areas to which the Units belong.

Decentralized Units

Those Units that best serve SEBUs by being differentiated within each SEBU according to specific SEBU needs. Decentralized Units are directly supervised by the Head of the SEBU and decisions and control about the implementation of activities are made at the SEBU level. Decentralized Units have some centralized assessment, compliance, and high-level policy provided by the Head of the Functional Area to which the Units belong. The Head of the SEBU has the final decision-making authority over decentralized Units unless the decision violates policy or compliance.

Functional AreaUnitCentralized [C] / Decentralized [D]
AcademicsAcademics AdminC
AcademicsLibrary and Information ResourcesC
AdvancementAdvancement AdminC
AdvancementCareer ServicesC
AdvancementInstitutional EffectivenessC
AdvancementIntegrated Enrollment ServicesC
AdvancementRecruitment D
AdvancementStudent Financial ServicesC
BusinessBusiness AdminC
Diversity and InclusionDiversity and Inclusion AdminC
ExecutiveExecutive AdminC
Facilities ManagementCustodialC
Facilities ManagementFacilities Management AdminC
Facilities ManagementMaintenanceC
Facilities ManagementPublic SafetyC
Human ResourcesHuman Resources AdminC
Information TechnologyInformation Technology AdminC
Student SuccessAcademic SupportD
Student SuccessAthletics D
Student SuccessRegistrarC
Student SuccessStudent LifeD
Student SuccessStudent Success AdminC
SustainabilityAuxiliary AdminD
SustainabilityAuxiliary ServicesD
Sustainability Sustainability AdminC
Last Updated on November 16, 2022