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Unity College Distance Education Announces Three New Degree Programs

December 2, 2022

Degree Paths Designed to Meet Students Where They Are

Unity College Distance Education announces three new comprehensive degree programs rooted in sustainability science. The programs highlight the ongoing growth at Unity College and the increased need for professionals to fill jobs in the expanding environmental career space.

“We have gone to great lengths to identify environmental industries in need of career-ready, culturally competent graduates. We take pride in being an outcome-based institution, which is why each of our new programs has clear paths to a future in the sustainability sciences,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury.

That sentiment is echoed by Distance Education Executive Director of Enrollment Management Denise Young, “We are excited to offer even more remote degree opportunities in unique, environmentally focused fields that have predicted job growth.”

The New Programs

M.P.S. Environmental Marketing and Behavioral Economics: The Master of Professional Studies empowers students with the knowledge and skills to collect, analyze, and use consumer behavior data to inform decisions that support sustainable products and services. Graduates will be prepared to accept roles as Marketing Directors, Brand Strategists, or Research Associates as they draw on social science theories to speak to potential consumers.

B.S. Degree in Wildland Fire Science and Management: This degree will enable students to work effectively as Forestry Technicians, Wildland Fire Specialists, Burn Coordinators, and more. The program emphasizes the impact of fire on naturally occurring processes in wildland ecosystems, developing strategic and operational plans for the use of fire in wildland ecosystems management, and understanding the laws and policies governing the management and restoration of public and private wildlands.

B.S. Sustainable Horticulture: The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Horticulture will prepare you to utilize sustainable concepts to better manage and improve plants and their products. The curriculum will select and apply methods for defining, monitoring, and responding to horticulture problems. You’ll discover certain principles of accounting, business law, labor, marketing, and personnel management for establishing a successful horticulture business. Upon graduation, you may find careers as greenhouse managers, hydroponic specialists, landscape designers, urban farmers, and other potential opportunities.

The Future of Remote Learning

All of Unity College’s Distance Education offerings are designed to give you hands-on experience wherever our students are. Courses are built around term-long projects that encourage a cumulative and comprehensive learning experience.

“Our students appreciate learning in their own communities while also pursuing work and volunteer opportunities that matter to them,” said Young.

Unity College Distance Education provides students with the education and knowledge in subjects they are passionate about, allowing them to apply what they learn in their studies to the world around them.

“The ‘distance’ part of our education is not ‘distance’ from the natural world or ‘distance’ from the environment. We recognize that each of our students is a part of a community, whether urban, rural, or otherwise, and the more we can support students to engage with the world around them, the greater likelihood they will become the environmental stewards that our planet desperately needs. In our new programs, we continue to create engaging, interactive curriculums that support Local Learning for students,” said Dean of Environmental Conservation and Research Dr. Kelly Boyer Ontl.

Just Getting Started

This is just the beginning; America’s Environmental College continues working tirelessly to find new opportunities for our students.

“As our student population becomes more diverse, so too are our programmatic offerings. In the coming years, you can expect Unity College Distance Education to continue to find new paths to careers based in the environmental sciences for our students,” said Dr. Khoury

View our list of programs to learn more about these new programs and all of Unity College’s world-class offerings.