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Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Science

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Skilled Communicators

Environmental Leaders

Flexible and affordable, the B.S. in Environmental Studies offers students a new way to earn a degree from America’s Environmental College. Students can choose where and how to learn according to individual preferences and ultimate career goals.

B.S. in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies major at Unity College: Hybrid Learning combines humanistic perspectives with a sustainability science framework to prepare students to become skilled communicators and environmental leaders. Students will critically analyze and create cultural products that reflect the reciprocal relationship between humans and the environment while strengthening their ability to articulate key questions, define problems, and enact change. Through an interdisciplinary and experiential approach, students will develop a broad base of professional skills and have opportunities to integrate disciplines such as art, journalism, business, and history within an environmental studies lens.  The Environmental Studies program will prepare students to work collaboratively with stakeholders to address sustainability challenges in diverse settings.

Environmental Studies Program Highlights


Average yearly salary of sustainability specialists

+ 13%

10-year projected job growth for community planners


Number of recent graduating class that are employed or attending graduate school.

looking at a graph
Environmental Foundation
Gain key scientific perspectives on environmental issues
Woman taking notes
One-on-One Research
Career mentoring opportunities
Applied learning modeled around real world scenarios
Woman writing
Research Opportunities
Collaborate with faculty on externally-funded grants, classroom-based research, and self-initiated research projects
Man on computer
Online or In-person
Work with dedicated instructors online or in-person.
Man taking a picture in a field
Communication Skills
Gain visual and media skills

What Students Study

Many courses in the Environmental Studies degree program integrate other disciplines for cross-study purposes, helping you to consider solutions to human-natural systems in your coursework. As a student in our program, you will gain the fine-tuned skills and knowledge to become an experienced environmental problem-solver. 

Graduates who earn the B.S. in Environmental Studies will be able to…

  • Develop humanistic and scientific perspectives on key environmental issues, including climate change, biodiversity, resource scarcity, waste, pollution, and toxics.
  • Consider how cultural products and critical discourses reflect the reciprocal impact between humans and the environment.
  • Employ a diverse set of communication skills including visual, media, qualitative, and quantitative literacies.
  • Define an individual environmental ethic and personal leadership style.
  • Leverage content knowledge and communication skills to act as effective environmental advocates, both individually and as part of a team.

View the Environmental Studies Check Sheet
View the Unity College Hybrid Learning Course Catalog – Academic Year 2020-2021
View the Unity College Hybrid Learning Student Handbook – Academic Year 2020-2021

How Students Attend Classes

Students enrolled in the Hybrid Learning programs have the flexibility to design their own academic experiences in ways that best fit with their learning preferences, lifestyle, and career aspirations. Learners can enroll in online courses while roaming the world or dedicate their time to immersive and tactile learning in our residential communities, or anything in between.

  • Hybrid students choose how they learn – in-person, online, or both simultaneously. 
  • From the moment they enroll, students are assigned a specialized Hybrid Learning Coach to provide them with individualized attention as they make their choices and blaze their learning path. A Hybrid Learning Coach will stay with them throughout their learning experience regardless of the instructional delivery model or pace of their path.
  • As long as a student is enrolled in three credits during a term, they are considered full time.
  • Students can register for up to three terms at a time.
  • We also offer housing and dining options to fit their schedule.

Here are some examples of the learning pathways available within the Environmental Science major. Terms are five weeks long.

Six Credits, In-Person

CourseMonday – Thursday
IS 201 Sustainable Mariculture (3 cr. EST Core)8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
IS 101 Interdisciplinary Thinking
in the Environmental Humanities (3 cr. EST Core)
12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Six Credits, In-Person and Online

CourseMonday – Thursday
IS 201 Sustainable Mariculture (3 cr. EST Core)
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
EVPC 101 Professional Skills (3 cr. General Education Core)Online through Unity College Distance Education

Six Credits, Online

CourseMonday – Thursday
EVPC 101 Professional Skills (3 cr. General Education Core)Online through Unity College Distance Education
COMM 101 Writing for Environmental Professionals (3 cr. General Education Core)Online through Unity College Distance Education

Faculty Profiles

Seek out knowledge.

Learn from leaders.

Careers in Environmental Studies

According to the 2018 Report of the Global Commission of the Economy and Climate, (The New Climate Economy) the global economic benefit of enacting socially and environmentally sustainable practices will have a projected economic impact of $26 trillion by 2030.

With this much at stake, the job market for individuals with knowledge and skills for developing and implementing sustainable practices in diverse, collaborative environments is growing rapidly. The environmental studies degree will prepare you for diverse careers, including:

Environmental Studies Career Outcomes

  • Sustainability Specialist

    $74,520 – Average yearly salary
    +8.8% – 10-year projected job growth
    Use your skills to set sustainability goals, propose strategies, and measure outcomes as a sustainability specialist in a private, government, or non-government organization.

  • Community Planner

    $65,000 – Average yearly salary
    +13% – 10-year projected job growth
    Draw on your knowledge of complex systems and human behavior to plan resilient, sustainable communities.

  • Communications Manager

    $61,000 – Average yearly salary
    +10% – 10-year projected job growth
    Leverage your communication and collaboration skills to direct public relations programs, communicate with media, and manage internal communications in private, government, or nonprofit organizations.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies. Labor Insight™ – Accessed May 4, 2020.

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