Dear Flagship Students and Families,


I hope this message finds you safe and well despite the unsettling times in which we currently find ourselves.  It snowed overnight in this part of mid-coast Maine and although the quiet beauty of this campus continues to inspire, the lack of footprints in the freshly fallen April snow is a stark reminder of your absence.  I can’t help but look forward to the sunnier weather in the months ahead and having you all back on campus to once again breathe life and joy into our hearts and minds. 


We recognize that as individuals, families, and organizations, we are all navigating unprecedented changes to existing patterns of work and life.  At Unity College we are doing our best to ensure that you remain safe while continuing to make progress towards your educational and career goals.  We are also doing all we can to minimize negative financial impacts on our students and families by offering room and board adjustments for those students who left campus in March with unused portions of those plans remaining.


I am deeply appreciative of your patience as we deliberated over the most equitable process for determining and distributing the housing and meal refunds.  This decision affects the lives of our community in many ways, as our room and board fees support the rich array of services that help to ensure successful outcomes for our students.  Nevertheless, we have decided to refund the charges for housing and meal expenses for the last six weeks of our fifteen-week semester, starting the week of March 23 when classes resumed.  The exact refund amount will vary and will be based on the Spring 2020 charge reflected on your bill for housing and/or meal plan expenses.


Our goal is to process all refunds as soon as possible, and they should be available no later than April 30, 2020.  If students have a current outstanding balance with the College, the refund amount will be first applied to the balance, and any remainder distributed to the student.  Payments will be issued via direct deposit if a bank account is on file with the College, otherwise a check will be mailed to the home address on record.  Any questions related to the processing of refunds should be directed to Sherry McCollett, Director of Student Financial Services, at Students can also read the refund FAQ page here.


I remain grateful for your resiliency as learners and your continued engagement as members of our Unity College family. Be well and stay in touch.  I can’t wait to see you in the fall and your footprints in the snow next year. 




Zach Falcon

Vice President of Flagship