There was a time when green jobs were considered a “niche” of the broader economy. But today, environmental careers are a major force in the job market, and every industry from government to tech is looking for workers with sustainability know-how.

More businesses and organizations are recognizing the value and necessity of acting to protect the environment. They’ll look to professionals with experience in green tech, environmental science, conservation law, and more to guide them to a greener future.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook forecasts strong job growth and above average salaries in everything from conservation to environmental science. Across the globe, there are more than 10.3 million jobs in renewable energy alone. The world is ready for skilled workers with expertise in environmental issues.

These are four of the fastest growing green careers for the future.

Clean Energy Management

If you’re interested in working on environmental issues and want outstanding job opportunities, a career in clean energy management may be for you. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, clean energy jobs represent one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy.

Developing a clean energy grid requires skilled workers with expertise in planning and management. Careers range from project managers to energy consultants and renewable energy sales representatives. Expect job growth to expand as technology improves and the public and private sector innovate solutions for climate change.

Environmental Remediation and Redevelopment

When the environment is exposed to toxins, it leads to soil contamination and degradation of ground and surface waters—sometimes for decades. Cleaning the environment restores it to its natural state or clears the way for new, sustainable development. This is environmental remediation, and it’s a major source of jobs in the green economy.

The management of environmental remediation projects has created some of the most rewarding green jobs available. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics points to positive job growth for roles such as environmental scientists, compliance officers, and natural sciences managers.

Professionals with the skills to spearhead environmental remediation will have a future keeping the planet and its people healthy. This includes disciplines from GIS to environmental science and sustainable business management.

Sustainability Coordinator / Sustainability Consultant

If you’re passionate about the environment and enjoy working with multiple stakeholders on big projects, you can find a challenging career as a sustainability coordinator. Organizations both public and private employ specialists charged with designing and implementing programs that address environmental issues.

Sustainability coordinators and consultants focus on climate planning, energy efficiency, waste and recycling, sustainable food systems, water efficiency, and community engagement in sustainability. They’re involved in business areas like procurement, operations, and planning.

Unity’s online bachelor’s degrees in Sustainable Business Management and Environmental Studies both offer students convenient pathways to careers as sustainability coordinators. Sustainable Business Management students get a traditional business education while learning to focus on the environmental impact of their work. Environmental Studies students are equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge of environmental issues and leadership skills to drive change in their organizations.


Does your love for the Earth extends to its living creatures? Conservationists are professionals dedicated to protecting creatures large and small from the impacts of climate change. Careers range from marine conservationists to ecologists to ecotourism experts. Imagine building a career out of taking care of animals you love while addressing a major environmental issue. Unity’s Online B.S. in Wildlife Conservation can take you there.

Conservation science is growing strongly along with the rest of the economy and is expected to continue to grow over the next ten years. For many, the best part of these careers is that you’ll spend lots of time outdoors, working alongside wildlife.

Protecting the environment is a big task, and great career opportunities lie ahead for those up to the challenge. Unity’s online degrees are the ideal way to get an environmental education that will prepare you for the best green jobs of the future.