Unity Distance Education Online is known for its innovative online environmental undergraduate and graduate degree programs, but did you know you can enroll in a single class? Expand your horizons, learn something fascinating, and maybe even enhance your career with one of these amazing online environmental courses from Unity.

Environmental Career Guide

Undergraduate Courses

From in-depth environmental science to courses focused on environmental issues, Unity offers several undergraduate courses to non-degree students. Here are some highlights to choose from:

Building a Better World: Ethical Decision-Making (EVPC 305)

Ethics courses are baked in MBA programs, Natural Resources Programs, and more. These classes help leaders create a framework around the issues they’re facing and draw on professional experience and knowledge to find equitable solutions.

Environmental Crisis Communication (EVPC 305)

Learn to lead in a crisis, potentially saving lives and environmental resources through effective and timely communication in Unity’s Environmental Crisis Communication course. The class is part of the curriculum for our Environmental Emergency Management and Law Enforcement undergraduate degree program. You’ll explore different environmental disasters and the best-practices for developing communication plans and strategies.

The Warming Planet: Understanding Climate Change (ENVS 201)

In this course, you’ll learn to separate fact from fiction when it comes to climate change. Unity’s expert faculty guide students through the science behind global climate change, while also helping students better understand how our climate system works, the factors behind climate change, and how science and technology help us better understand the world around us. The course also dives into the effects of climate change on our society and how human activity contributes to a changing environment.

Environmental Accounting (FINC 301)

Accounting courses are essential parts of any business degree—but what if you could learn accounting techniques that went deeper than day-to-day business activities and considered how an organization’s activities affect the environment on a large scale? Students enrolled in Environmental Accounting get a look at how different sectors of the economic impact on the environment and what happens when societies implement environmental policies. As more businesses, governments, and other groups become aware of the need to weigh environmental impacts alongside their operating budgets, environmental accounting will be increasingly useful to guide policy and decision making.

Starting Your Small Non-Profit (MGMT 301)

For green entrepreneurs and community leaders, Unity’s Starting Your Small Non-Profit is the perfect jumping-off point for launching your own sustainable enterprise. You’ll learn various management structures and funding models, and explore the ethics of launching an environmentally-focused organization. When you’re done with this class, you’ll have what it takes to start your own non-profit or small business.

Life History and Identification of Birds & Mammals (WCON 303)

Get to know the species that inhabit your local region, while also gaining an appreciation for all avian and mammalian species with Unity’s Life History and Identification of Birds & Mammals course. Students get hands-on learning with this online class through a required fieldwork component that gets students outside identifying the common species of the student’s home region. Beyond that, students will study the life cycles of the species of these animals, while also gaining an understanding of game management techniques.

Graduate Courses

It’s not just undergraduate classes that non-degree students can take. Unity has a broad selection of graduate-level courses for students seeking advanced training in wildlife, business, and beyond. Need help deciding which area to study? Check out Unity’s Distance Education Graduate Career Guide for a look at potential environmentally-focused careers [INSERT LINK TO GUIDE HERE].

Marketing & Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility (SBUS 535)

More businesses are going green than ever before. As companies adopt more sustainable policies, many are looking to experts in branding and marketing to help share their message of environmental responsibility. In Unity’s Marketing & Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility, students will learn about branding and marketing, how to gauge consumer demand and target markets, and more.

Strategic Management of Innovation (PROF 505)

Some organizations have what it takes to develop new ideas and implement new strategies with ease. What separates these companies from others is their ability to innovate in the face of change. With Strategic Management of Innovation, you’ll discover what it takes to lead innovation and drive science-based change in your organization, whether it’s in a private or public setting. The course also shows students how to build environmental innovation into an organization’s business model and creates a culture of innovation at all levels of an organization.

Community Planning for Resiliency (SUST 520)

As the environment continues to change around us, communities will need to develop strategies that help us maintain the stability of our built environment. Students in Community Planning for Resiliency will explore how community design and green building can help us mitigate against environmental changes both expected and unexpected. Students will also learn how various systems, from transportation to new building design, affect our carbon imprint and how smart planning can lead to a more resilient environment for all.

Non-degree enrollment in Unity’s classes is easy. It starts with sending us your unofficial transcripts, and as long as you meet the necessary prerequisites and there are available spots in the course, you’re in. Plus, if you decide to enroll in a degree or certificate program, the credits you earned as a non-degree student can be used toward your degree. You can take up to 9 non-degree credits before officially joining a degree or certificate program.

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