A sustainability-related Master’s Degree is a great accomplishment for individuals interested in many career paths. Upon graduation, however, you will be facing the exciting challenge of launching or re-launching your sustainability career.

While the postgraduate programs at Unity College can prepare you for a wide range of careers, entrepreneurship is a path that appeals to many students who are self-directed and motivated to make a sustainable impact on the world. Whether you want to promote yourself as a consultant, launch a line of green products, or start a sustainable service, these environmental entrepreneurship tips will help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Keep Researching After Your Environmental Program

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you likely already have a direction for your business in mind. However, finishing your program gives you the opportunity to do more nuanced research into your goals for two reasons. First, with the resolution of your coursework you have more room in your schedule to dedicate to research. Second, with a new Master’s Degree under your belt, you may have gained a fresh perspective on the issues relevant to your future plans. For example, a Sustainable MBA graduate developing a green product line might find inspiration in the insights gained from their Ecological Economics module.

Set Formal Goals and Explore Green Funding Options

No matter what your entrepreneurial goal is, securing a form of financial backing will have major implications for the scale of your project and what you can accomplish. Once you have determined how much funding you want to obtain, writing a formal business plan—or at least a justification of your valuation—is a smart step. With this in hand, it will be easier to obtain financial support from individuals, groups, and organizations that may be interested in your venture.

Getting your numbers in order will help you find appropriate financial support

There are many financial support options available to green entrepreneurs. Crowd-funding is an increasingly popular option, especially if your idea is one that would really strike a nerve with the values of a wide audience. Further, private awards and loans, and government loans, grants, and subsidies for environmentally-friendly ventures can also provide very helpful support for entrepreneurial students as they finish their environmental programs and introduce their ideas to the world.

Use Your Degree in Environmental Science to Solidify Your Green Brand

Finally, your Master’s Degree in Environmental Science can be a valuable asset to your entrepreneurial efforts, particularly when it comes to establishing yourself as an environmentally friendly entity and developing brand integrity. According to research by the Shelton Group, green, eco-conscious consumers are extremely brand loyal. Thus, the effort you take to initially attract eco-conscious consumers to your brand is likely to have a significant, long-term payoff.

A Sustainability Master’s Degree can help you build valuable consumer trust in your brand

Coursework from your program can help you establish your brand as one of integrity and environmental consciousness. For example, the Communication for Science Professionals module can help Sustainability Science graduates develop strategic messaging, while the Sustainable MBA Marketing & Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility module can guide graduates in targeted branding. Furthermore, regardless of the program you choose, a sustainability-focused Master’s Degree from Unity College is a great way to make your commitment to sustainability credible, which can go a long way in building consumer trust in you as an entrepreneur and the great ideas you have to offer.

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