There are many compelling reasons to transfer colleges. For some, it’s a good idea to have a clean start with a new school. For others, a specific degree program may fit perfectly with academic and career goals. While there are many great reasons for choosing a new school, when it comes time to make a move, be sure you’re getting credit for your college experience.

Unity College Distance Education makes it easy to transfer your college credits. Our undergraduate degree programs are designed specifically for students who have some college experience. If you’re looking to complete your bachelor’s degree, don’t miss Unity’s cutting-edge, environmentally-focused programs.

Before you transfer, ask yourself these questions to make sure you’re ready to make a change to your college education:

  • Why am I transferring?
  • Will transferring help me achieve my goals faster?
  • What are the costs – financially, academically, and personally – of making a move to a new school?

Knowing your motivations for changing schools will make it easier to identify degree programs that will better fit your needs.

So, now that you’ve decided to transfer, what’s the next step?

Just like when you applied as a first-time student, you’ll want to have all your transfer application materials gathered before you start the process. Here’s a quick look at how Unity makes it easy to transfer and get credit for your college experience.

Undergraduate Transfers

Enrolling as an undergraduate transfer student is simple at Unity College Distance Education. It all starts with our simple online application. Applying is easy, and best of all, you’ll get an answer quickly so you can start planning for your future right away. First, start with Unity’s online application. You’ll need an official copy of your transcripts from all the previous colleges you’ve attended, along with other background info. Once Unity has your academic records, Unity’s Distance Education Concierges will review your coursework and determine which classes can be transferred to Unity’s bachelor’s degree programs.

For students with qualifying transfer credits, up to 90 credits can be applied to a bachelor’s degree program at Unity.

You’ll be able to start classes quickly, too. Unity’s online bachelor’s degrees are available in an accelerated format, with new classes beginning every eight weeks. However, Unity can also help if you’re looking to finish your degree at a slower pace. Our degree programs are flexible, so you can always find time to work on your degree while still focusing on your life.

Explore Undergraduate Degrees at Unity

Graduate Transfers

Unity College Distance Education welcomes applications from graduate transfer students, too. As with undergraduate transfer students, the process begins with Unity’s convenient online application.

Graduate students can transfer up to 9 credits toward a master’s degree from Unity College. The credits must be for coursework that closely aligns with classes offered by Unity, and all credits must be earned with at least a “B” average (equivalent to a 3.0 GPA).

Explore Graduate Degrees at Unity

Unity’s goal is to help students feel welcomed and prepared to succeed in their educational goals. That’s why we offer support services to every online student. Have more questions about transferring to Unity? You can get your questions answered anytime by emailing us or calling our Distance Education Concierges at 207-509-7155.