Sustainability has been an issue of increasingly important concern in recent decades, as the impacts of our way of life on our planet’s natural environments have become more evident. It wasn’t until the 21st century that sustainability science emerged as a new academic discipline, a problem-based but solution-oriented framework for creating a resilient civilization.

It brings together scholarship and practice, global and local perspectives, and technical disciplines with skills in the social sciences and humanities to advance both knowledge and action in the context of political, cultural, and economic considerations. There’s no better time than now to explore potential solutions to the complex challenges that threaten the future of humanity and the planet’s life support systems. Pursuing sustainability science studies may be the most effective path.

With Unity College’s new online Master’s in Professional Science (M.S.) with a concentration in Sustainability Science, you can receive personalized and flexible access to a world-class education, completing your degree requirements in as little as 12 months. Here’s why Unity College Online may be the ideal path to a rewarding career in sustainability.

The Importance of Sustainability Studies in Today’s World

As nearly every month in the past year has been the hottest on record, coastal cities around the world must make difficult decisions to cope with the inevitability of rising oceans. As a result, mitigation and adaptation to climate change is arguably the most urgent issue of our times. Recognizing that our current consumption of finite natural resources is unsustainable, sustainability studies seek to determine innovative strategies for protecting our natural environment, human and ecological health with minimal compromises to our way of life.


Innovative solutions are needed to conserve our natural systems

Graduate studies in sustainability science provide a robust analytical and critical framework for approaching these challenges by combining science with transdisciplinary communication and organizational skills. As the first college in the nation to base its curriculum on a framework of sustainability science, Unity College is uniquely suited to meet the demands of an earth and economy in crisis.

Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree in Sustainability Science Online

Sustainability science is necessarily a broad field of study because meaningful transformations that promote sustainability must consider technological knowledge and innovations, economic processes, and social and cultural dynamics. Unity College’s M.S. in Professional Science: Sustainability Science track analyzes environmental innovation within an organization’s strategy and business model while including courses on professional communications, ethics, ecological economics, community planning, and much more.


Online learning enables students to learn at their own pace from anywhere

Students explore, research, and debate different perspectives on possible solutions to climate change, conservation, and pollution. This helps them learn to work with different groups in order to drive change. Pursuing a sustainability degree online is ideal for both graduate students and professionals seeking to complement and expand their skill sets, providing the flexibility to work around other personal and professional commitments with five different start dates available per year.

This self-paced learning offers excellent value for earning the training and credentials that can transform your career path without requiring completion of a Graduate Record Exam. Small class sizes encourage personalized attention from our world-class faculty and ongoing support through our state-of-the-art e-learning portal and numerous resources. No matter your career goals, an M.S. in sustainability science will help you secure stable, lucrative work that makes a real difference in the world.

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