Admissions and Student Financial Services

The Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is responsible for assisting students and their families to navigate the application and enrollment processes. The admissions team enjoys working with students throughout their time at Unity College in order to ensure a successful and rewarding experience.

Unity College admissions counselors travel often, visiting high schools and college fairs across the country. They are also here to answer questions and help prospective and incoming students through the admissions process.  Counselors with students and their families by providing them information about America’s Environmental College that will ensure Unity College is the best fit for their college experience. Contact the Unity College Office of Admissions directly by calling 800-624-1024 or emailing More information about admissions to Unity College.

Admissions Staff:

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services is here to help answer any financial aid questions and encourages students to contact them at any time. For reviews of complete financial situations, please make an appointment. The staff helps Unity College students with information about application procedures, eligibility for aid/need, award calculations, problem situations, and descriptions of various programs from federal, state, and college sources. Also, we may be able to help with special circumstances such as changes in income or other financial circumstances, as well as aid eligibility for less-than-full-time (less than 12 credits/semester) enrollment status. Unity College Student Financial Services is here to help students discover the best options to fund their Unity College education.


Student Services
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