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Tag: M.S. in Sustainability

Sunrise from space

October 19, 2017

The Ethics of Climate Engineering: A Primer for Students Pursuing an M.S. in Sustainability

Throughout history, humanity has created impressive new technologies to overcome obstacles and improve its quality of life. Unfortunately, these technologies have become so dominant that they now inflict tremendous harm on the natural world. This leaves humanity struggling to scale back harmful technologies, such as those run on fossil fuels, in order to prevent a… Read more »


September 28, 2017

The Benefits of Protecting Old-Growth Forests After your Sustainability Studies

Relatively untouched by human activity and allowed to attain immense size and age, old-growth forests are environments that exhibit unique properties in a number of dimensions. When allowed to flourish, they can help mitigate some of the environmental consequences of industry and society in ways that a younger forest cannot always match. Unfortunately, these areas… Read more »