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Category: Environmental GIS

Man using GIS software in forest

February 04, 2019

Plot Your Future: 3 Career Paths for Environmental GIS Grads

Industries from ecotourism to energy production to conservation groups need accurate and reliable location data to guide their growth and decision making. Students with expertise in GIS are starting great careers by gathering, analyzing, and presenting valuable geographic data. Experience in Geographic Information Systems is in demand. Governments, NGOs, nonprofits, and small and large businesses… Read more »

Man at bottom of mountain checking electronic device

June 11, 2018

Using Your GIS Degree to Launch into a New Career

A degree in Geographic Information Science, or GIS degree, can lead to the beginning of a rewarding career for recent graduates and to a new career for seasoned professionals. GIS is a system that is designed to capture, retain, study, manipulate, manage, and present spatial and geographic data. Though the type and format vary, the… Read more »