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Unity’s Sky Lodge Provides Ideal Setting for Johns Hopkins’ Environmental Sciences and Policy Program’s Experiential Learning

March 21, 2023

Sky Lodge plans to expand opportunities for immersive learning experiences to students and organizations committed to environmental stewardship

Over the summer, Unity’s Sky Lodge hosted Johns Hopkins University’s Environmental Sciences and Policy (ESP) program on a 10-day capstone field experience in northern Maine for its graduate-level course, “Sustainability Leadership.”

The course, led by adjunct professor Paul Kazyak, took place at Sky Lodge, Unity’s historic 150-acre campus in the beautiful Moose River Valley. The Lodge, which is the largest of its kind in the eastern part of the United States, provided the perfect setting for students to learn and explore through a variety of activities including experiential exercises, working in small groups, short lectures, self-reflection and assessment, student-led learning, and team challenges.

“The success of the Environmental Sciences and Policy program at Sky Lodge is a testament to the value of hands-on, immersive learning experiences provided by Unity. We are eager to replicate its success with similar programs in the future. Our commitment to providing meaningful and impactful educational experiences will continue to drive our efforts to expand opportunities for students to learn and grow,” said Unity Environmental University President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury.

As a premier location for outdoor adventure education and civic engagement geared towards environmental concerns, Sky Lodge offers an immersive travel experience, ideal for groups of 15-40. With opportunities for waterfall exploration, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and more, students can immerse themselves in nature as it serves as their classroom.

Group photo

The raw beauty of the historic log cabin complements the untouched natural vistas of the Moose River Valley, offering students a rare opportunity to slow down and experience nature the way it was meant to be. Sky Lodge is proud to offer farm-to-table dining, providing students with a sustainable and healthy approach to their stay.

“The trails on the property provided for wonderful outdoor classrooms, and stepping into the thick brush was like stepping into an old world, one teeming with life among the thick vegetation,” said Johns Hopkins student Melissa Willhouse. “Being from New Jersey, it is hard to find a place where you can truly connect with nature without the spoils of modern life, and the wilderness at Sky Lodge is one of those places. The accommodations were great and allowed for a cohesive, tranquil environment, while the amenities on the property provided boundless opportunities for wilderness education.”

“As stewards of the environment, the team at Unity’s Sky Lodge looks forward to welcoming more schools, colleges, universities, and non-profits interested in travel courses focused on environmental stewardship. With a focus on providing meaningful and impactful experiences, Sky Lodge is dedicated to supporting education and civic engagement in sustainability and environmental stewardship,” said VP of Sustainable Ventures, Dr. Tara J. Konya.

To inquire about hosting a group or course at Sky Lodge, please get in touch with the team at, or alternatively, fill out the Venue Rental Request Form.