While others studying Captive Wildlife Care and Education at Unity College tend to lean more heavily into the “care” aspects of the major, Josh Flagg knew from day one that he wanted to become an educator.

This summer, Flagg got the opportunity to do just that at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire, where he served as an education intern. “I love humor, I love to make people laugh, so I incorporated a lot of humor into my programs, which according to my supervisors was a really refreshing change,” said Flagg.

During his internship, Flagg had the opportunity to bring his energetic style of teaching to groups of schoolchildren ranging from kindergarten to high school on field trips, as well as families and community members of all ages during presentations at local libraries.

In January, Flagg is taking over the full-time position of Naturalist and Head of Raptor Training at Squam Lakes. “I am excited to be in the real world now,” said Flagg. “It’s definitely a change, but when I get up for work in the morning, I’m excited to go, and I love what I do, so I’m thrilled.”