Earning an master’s degree opens the doors to a variety of possibilities. Recipients look forward to beginning a career, improving their position in a current role, or following a new path entirely. One way to earn a master’s degree is by enrolling in an online program, and this option has a number of benefits for students.

Learn from any location

Students have the ability to learn from any location while pursuing an online master’s degree. They can log in to their courses, listen to lectures, and review course material from any location that fits into their life and schedule.

Learn at any time

Rushing to class is no longer a worry for online students. Course schedules are flexible, and students can decide what time will be best for them to learn.

More choices

Students can choose a program that matches their interest from any college or university around the world. This is especially valuable to those who have a specific passion but don’t have a program nearby that covers the subject.

Enrollment dates

Enrollment for online programs is open multiple times throughout the year for many institutions. Students can join the program at a time that works best for them.

Custom pace

Online master’s degrees can be earned at any pace. This enables students to move slowly toward their degree and to take as much time as they need in order to complete all of the required courses. On the other hand, students also have the opportunity to accelerate their program in order to earn their degree faster.

Continue to work

For those who have already started a career, earning an online master’s degree enables them to continue their role. They have the flexibility of accessing their courses when they are away from the office and don’t need to take time off in order to continue their education.

Unity College offers a variety of programs for students interested in earning an online master’s degree. They include a master’s degree in environmental GIS, sustainable natural resource management, sustainability science, and conservation law enforcement. A sustainable master of business administration is also available.

To learn more, visit online.unity.edu/learn-more or call 1-833-UnityGo.