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What Does an Environmental Business Analyst Do?

Do you enjoy working with numbers, analyzing trends, and helping to strengthen businesses focused on sustainability and the environment? If so, you might be suited for a career as an environmental business analyst!

As an environmental business analyst, you’ll work with data to identify potential financial problems for an organization, and develop strategies to find the right solutions. Those pursuing a career as an environmental business analyst will not only enter a lucrative field with many job opportunities, but they will also get the satisfaction of working with environmentally-conscious companies. 

Financial Analyst Fast Facts

Education Requirements 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree
Recommended Degree Program B.S. in Environmental Science
Median Salary (2018) $85,660 per year
Workers Employed in U.S. (2018) 329,500
Projected Job Openings by 2028 20,300
Projected Growth Rate 6%

Degree Programs

Degree programs

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