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Costs and Tuition Rates

We’ve just reduced our graduate degree tuition!

Transparent tuition and fees—the way it should be.

Your online education should be affordable and manageable. We’re here to help. Our team of Distance Education concierges will work with you through the admissions process to help you plan and pay for your degree.

Once you enroll in either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, our tuition guarantee means your tuition rate will stay the same until 2023.

No hidden fees. A college degree like no other. You don’t want to miss out—apply online.

Questions about Financial Aid? Contact a Distance Education Advisor!

Straightforward tuition you can understand

Being an online student, you don’t have time to crunch numbers. Let us help. Our tuition rates are transparent, meaning you’ll never encounter hidden fees and you’ll know your entire cost before you even enroll. We even make it easier to pay for your degree with payment plans and financial aid.

3-Credit Course Load:

Cost Type



Cost per credit



Cost per 3 credits



Military Rates:

Unity Environmental University is proud to offer affordable education opportunities to those who serve. For current service members, veterans, and their families, we offer the following special rates:

Cost Type



Cost per credit



Cost per 3 credits



We proudly work with our students who have Military Tuition Assistance (TA). Please visit the Military page for more information on how to utilize your benefits.

Not sure what you qualify for? We can help you determine your benefits eligibility right now! Contact us!

Community College Partnerships

If you attend or have attended Community College of Vermont or SUNY Clinton Community College, you may qualify for a special tuition rate.

Cost Type



Cost per credit



Cost per 3 credits



Learn more about our community college partnerships to see if you are eligible.

Refund policy

To receive a 100% refund on a course, you must drop the course before the end of the add/drop period. After midnight of the last day of the add/drop period, you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Ready to sign up for classes? Apply online.

Estimated Yearly Costs in 23/24:

Distance Education Undergraduate ProgramsPer Credit HourPer 3-Credit CourseAnnual Cost for 30 CreditsFees*Books*TOTAL
Online Undergraduate Degrees/Certificates$470$1,410$14,100$100$800$15,000
Online Undergraduate Military$423$1,269$12,690$100$800$13,590
Non-Degree Seeking, Course Work Only$470$1,410
Most Unity Environmental University Bachelor’s degrees require 120 credit hours.
Distance Education Graduate ProgramsPer Credit HourPer 3-Credit CourseAnnual Cost for 15 CreditsFees*Course Materials*TOTAL
Online Graduate Degrees/Certificates$650$1,950$9,750$100$1,000$10,850
Online Graduate Military$585$1,755$8,775$100$1,000 $9,875
Most Unity Environmental University Master’s degrees require 30 credit hours.

*Fees: $100 Graduation Fee
*Books: Average $100 per class. 
*Course Materials: Amount varies by course. Average $100-$150 per class.


Students will be billed for each term after registering for their courses, and all student accounts must be settled and any financial aid in place before the end of the add/drop period (day three of the term). Any outstanding balance will lead to automatic withdrawal from courses. Any outstanding balance must be paid prior to future enrollment.  Once financial aid is disbursed for a given term, credit balances will be reviewed and sent to students via ACH or check.

Distance Education Admissions