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Learn New Skills

Anywhere. Anytime.

Unity College Micro-Courses allow you full access to professional training and courses with a special focus on the skills and technology that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Choose your learning path. Select the new skills that will help launch your career. 
Learn on your schedule. Access your courses on your own time from anywhere on the planet. 
Showcase your new skills. Earn digital badges to share on your LinkedIn profile or your preferred social network.

All Micro-Courses:

Introduction to Extended Reality

Introduction to Extended Reality (XR)

A free introduction to XR technology including augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.

Cost: Free
Hours: 2-4

MataVRse User

MetaVRse User
Coming Soon!

A free introduction to the exciting world of 3D spatial design using the MetaVRse Engine.

Cost: Free
Hours: 2-4

XR Authoring with Amazon Sumerian

XR Authoring – Amazon Sumerian

Design, build and publish a 3D simulation prototype that demonstrates successful XR experience characteristics

Cost $199
Hours: 15-20

MetaVRse Creative

MetaVRse Certified Creator
Coming Soon!
Create simple immersive and interactive 3D experiences and evaluate their applications for a wide variety of businesses.

Hours: 10-15

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Unity College Micro-Courses

Last Updated on March 31, 2022