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Data Analytics – Associate of Applied Science

Data is the best weapon

against climate change

With a renewed emphasis on combating global climate change, the data analytics field is expected to grow at a rate of 20% over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Much of the climate change research and mitigation strategies rely on adequate and accurate data and data interpretation. Climate change is the biggest threat facing the planet for current and future generations. Climate change impacts everything from marine biology to food systems to human health. One of the most powerful tools in the fight against climate change is data. Data Analytics uses a variety of tools — from machine learning to data visualization — to present an accurate picture of the current health of the planet and predict the future.

In addition to the Associate degree the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions also offers a short-term Data Analytics Certificate. Both our Data Analytics programs are unique in Maine –delivered in a unique 2-week term calendar and courses leveraging a combination of live in-person and online instruction, from our campus on the Pineland Farms campus of Unity College in New Gloucester, Maine.

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How you will learn

We at TIEP have taken the best features of in-person learning and online learning to create an innovative and accelerated educational experience designed to meet the demands of a modern learner. Our new facility on the Unity College campus in New Gloucester, Maine is equipped with HyFlex classrooms designed with cutting edge technology to enhance teaching and learning. Our courses meet synchronously, inperson, but allow for flexibility to remote-in on those occasions when life happens, and you are unable to get to campus. Flexibility doesn’t end there; the video recording and curating technology means you can revisit a particular subject discussed by simply rewatching that section of the class on your own time and refining your notes. After viewing the recording, questions are bound to come up; for this, our Instructors and Learner Success Coordinators are available for help through both in-person and virtual support hours.  

What (competencies) you learn

One of our guiding principles is that knowledge is what learners gain from the materials presented in the course, but competency is the ability to apply that knowledge through a task in a simulated work setting. A competency is a way to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities. Below are a few of the many program competencies outlined within both the Data Analytics certificate and degree programs.

  • Articulate the connection between data and the environmental professions and the importance of data in the field
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically in making decisions based on data and deep analytics
  • Demonstrate the ability to use data analysis tools such as Python, APIs, JSON, Numpy, MathPlotLib, Beautiful Soup, and more
  • Visualize data into graphics using packages such as Tableau
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate the result of the data analysis to relevant stakeholders
  • Organize and retrieve data using tools such as MongoDB, SQL, Postgre SQL
  • Create and manipulate web data using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Leaflet, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this an online program?

    No. We leverage in-person learning at our campus in New Gloucester, Maine, and supplement it with guided online instruction to create an innovative and flexible educational experience.

  • How and where will I study?

    All programs are delivered in person onsite in Freeport Hall on the Pineland Farms campus of Unity College70 Farm View Drive, New Gloucester, ME 04260.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our cost per credit is $250, we have no additional fees! Even at this price, most learners are eligible for Financial Aid (federal & state), which can reduce out-of-pocket costs significantly.

  • How do I find out if I’m eligible for Financial Aid?

    The process is simple, complete the FAFSA and make sure to include the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions at Unity College school code 006858. If you have questions about financial aid, paying for college, or the process, our career coaches are ready and eager to help.

  • When do classes start?

    There are 20 terms per year so there is always an opportunity to begin right around the corner.

  • What am I going to learn?

    Skills and competencies that have been identified as essential by subject matter experts in your field and will align with prospective employer needs.  

  • How do I apply?

    Applying is easy, free, and can be completed from almost any device, including a smartphone. Complete the online application. We also recommend all learners submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Contact the Technical Institute


Technical Institute for Environmental Professions
70 Farm View Drive
Freeport Hall – Pineland Farms
New Gloucester, Maine 04260

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