Unity College Flagship Students, Faculty, and Staff,


Spring break is finally here!  I know this year’s spring break will be a little less than traditional, so I am sending out updated information about Unity College’s Flagship plans in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As you know, you can find updates on our website here: https://www.unity.edu/coronavirus-covid-19/, but here are some highlights.


For the few fulltime residential students who are still in residence and could continue to be in residence during the break, we have shifted our self-serve dining in Wyman Commons to grab and go options – To better protect food safety.  We are also offering those students who remain on campus various activities so they can stay engaged with campus life.  Information regarding spring break campus activities will be posted in the Residence Halls, Wyman Commons and on the Student Success Facebook and Instagram pages.


We are limiting our gatherings to less than 100 people, which is under the 250-person limit recommended by Governor Mills.  We are also working on several options to continue classes after our two week spring break either in person without interruption or remotely as needed. 


Our post-break instruction options include: shifting to 100% remote instruction; extending break for an additional two weeks, resuming classes in person in April – thus extending the semester by two weeks; and/or shifting to remote instruction.   


I encourage everyone to continue to maintain vigilance in taking the recommended preventive actions to reduce your personal exposure and the potential community spread of  COVID-19 as they are still the best way to stay healthy.  We will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves and remember to focus on supporting one another with compassion and factual information.


If you have additional questions about COVID-19 or think you might be sick, the Unity College Wellness Center can be reached by calling 207-509-7126 during the week.  If  you are living on campus and need care after hours, please contact your RA or a member of the Residence Life staff.   There are several urgent care facilities in Waterville, Bangor, and Belfast as well as hospitals in all three towns. 


In Unity,



Dr. Melik Peter Khoury


Unity College