How a Masters in Sustainability Can Transform your Career Opportunities

When considering which type of education and careers you would like to pursue, it’s important to remember what types of things you’d be doing on a daily basis. Most people want to work in something they’re passionate about, that also fits their interests and skills. As the importance and urgency of resource sustainability becomes increasingly evident, solution-oriented careers in sustainability science have grown more common, prominent, and meaningful, leading to numerous rewarding new employment opportunities.

Pursuing an M.S. in sustainability science is a great way to develop your skill set in the environmental field while acquiring valuable business, management, and communication skills that will make you more adaptable and versatile for present and future opportunities. Students research and debate the various dimensions of climate change with an applied understanding of the relevant physical, biological, social, and economic realities.

Graduates are well positioned for a wide range of green careers, including sustainability coordinator, project manager, program director, environmental consultant, and many more. Here’s how the Masters degree can transform your career opportunities.

Growing Demand for Grads with a Masters in Sustainability

They may have many names, but sustainability professionals can be found in a growing number of industries and roles. While there is an increasing need for specialists with an expertise in the applied sciences related to sustainability, the concept of environmental responsibility is filtering into all types of careers. Businesses concerned about the triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet are seeking leaders capable of navigating complex issues like resource scarcity, climate change, and environmental risk mitigation.


As sustainability has become a more mature industry in itself, there are more entry-level positions available than ever, as well as increasing specialization. It is the innovative sustainability professionals who can integrate systems thinking in coordination with diverse disciplines that are best positioned to thrive, which is why a school of sustainability uses a transdisciplinary process for understanding and managing the natural world.

Preparing for a World of Opportunities with a Sustainability Degree Online

Developing a comprehensive understanding of the changing environment in the context of human interactions is at the core of sustainability science. The framework combines a technical foundation with skills based in the humanities and social sciences to establish change agents who can effectively balance political, economic, and cultural priorities.

An advanced sustainability degree online is the ideal training and credentials for biologists, ecologists, and other environmental scientists who want to expand their management and cross-functional knowledge, and for government workers or other individuals seeking specific knowledge and experience in sustainability. This could include environmental policy practitioners, environmental lawyers, and “green” entrepreneurs.

Sustainability students learn professional skills, environmental science, and sustainability with personalized attention from world-class faculty, including the application of accumulated skills to solve real-world problems in the capstone project. Students benefit from one-on-one advising, professional networking opportunities with leaders in the field, and job placement assistance through the career development department.

Studying 100% online whenever and wherever you want delivers a unique flexibility that accommodates existing work and personal schedules. You can complete your M.S. in Professional Science degree and advance in your chosen career path in just 12 months!

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