It takes leadership to guide environmental change. The next generation of environmental leaders will need the right skill set to create a meaningful impact.

Effective leaders get their message across, make challenging decisions, and make the best use of the resources at hand. As you prepare to launch your career, your leadership abilities will be some of your most sought-after skills.

Review these three essential leadership skills for environmental change makers and learn how Unity can provide you with the opportunity to attain them.


Communication is one of the most important skills needed for creating lasting, positive change. Unity students learn the tools to communicate with other professionals in their fields and the broader public as a whole. Classes like Environmental Crisis Communication (Comm 403) will expose you to the techniques professional communicators use to deliver critical messages to their audiences, and teach you how to protect a company or organization facing a challenge to its reputation. Whether it’s public information officers assisting hurricane victims or social media managers working for nonprofits, knowing the best way to communicate with your audience is a must for achieving your goals.

Decision Making

Leaders of all kinds are faced with difficult decisions every day. The way we make our decisions affects people’s lives, changes how we use natural resources, and has financial, humanitarian, and environmental impacts. Unity’s programs are designed to help tomorrow’s leaders make decisions based on an ethical framework that considers people, the planet, and more. Students in Unity’s Building a Better World: Ethical Decision-Making (EVPC 305) use real-world case studies to develop their decision-making skills and build an ethical awareness they can take with them into their careers and lives.

Strategic Management

Whether you’re trying to launch a non-profit or develop a company’s sustainability policy, being able to think strategically is essential to achieving your goals. Problem-solving and the ability to think strategically are traits employers are seeking, and Unity gives you the resources to develop those key areas.

Strategic thinking helps you plan for tomorrow and overcome challenges you may face. Effective strategic thinking draws on past experiences and the experiences of others to determine how to best make use of resources while remaining conscious of environmental concerns.

With classes like Strategic Management for Social Change and Environmental Justice, Unity students have access to world-class educational tools for developing their strategic thinking abilities.

Take Classes Without Committing to a Degree Program

Did you know Unity offers you the opportunity to take classes as a non-degree seeking student? With courses like Transformational Leadership (EVPR 401) you’ll gain the insights and skills to become an effective agent of change in any profession or setting. Check out a full list of courses available for undergraduate and graduate students.

Unity College is committed to creating tomorrow’s environmental leaders. That’s just one reason why we have benefits for members of the military—people who have attained leadership skills in the line of duty.

Unity’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs also provide outstanding opportunities to grow your talents as an effective leader. From our Online B.S. in Environmental Emergency Management and Law Enforcement to the Online Sustainable Master of Business Administration (MBA), Unity’s online degree programs and courses will give you the abilities and knowledge to build a greener tomorrow.