It takes more than a great idea to start a sustainable business. You need business planning and financial insights to take your business from concept to construction. This fall, Unity College Distance Education invites you to join Burt’s Bees founder Roxanne Quimby for a unique signature course designed specifically to help you learn what it takes to launch a sustainable business.

Unity College Online offers a sustainable and accelerated path to becoming business owners with a five-week signature course for green businesses. Whether you’re just starting your own business or you’re an established entrepreneur looking to take your business’s sustainability to the next level, this unique opportunity will deliver the insights to help you create and grow an environmentally friendly and rewarding business.

Quimby, an award-winning conservationist and businesswoman, joined by writer and renowned sustainable business consultant Sarah Lozanova, will host an interactive online course that runs from October 7 through November 10. Through several live call-in Q&A sessions, students can ask questions and gain insights at several points throughout the course. Ms. Quimby has even committed to awarding start-up grants to students with the most promising business plans!

In a series of five one-week modules, students will be exposed to concepts in branding, business organization, financial and funding strategies, value setting, and business life cycles.

As a student, you’ll gain powerful business and management skills, develop a small business plan that includes cost and revenue projections. You’ll also learn to conduct market and industry research so you can be confident your business will find a viable niche.

You’ll begin by learning what it takes to create a unique brand that stands apart from the competition. While you develop your business’s story, you’ll learn which business organizational structure best suits your goals and explore ways to secure funding and make smart financial decisions. The program will also guide you through the development of key company values and help you build the tools to create a successful business for the lifespan of the organization.

Unity College is proud to offer its signature courses in three formats: Students can enroll for credit and receive up to three college credits that can be transferred or applied to Unity’s Online B.S. in Sustainable Business Management. Students may also register for the entire course on a non-credit basis. This option is ideal for students who want to start a business but don’t plan on earning a degree in business. Finally, you can select any course module and dig into the topic that interests you most. If learning about market research is all that’s holding you back from launching your business, this option could be for you!

Please note that only students enrolled for college credit will be eligible to receive start-up funds for outstanding business plans.

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