In recent years, an increasing number of companies have placed a higher value on the importance of social responsibility. By definition, corporate social responsibility is the way a company takes responsibility for its impact on both the environment and the community.

When searching for potential employees, recruiters are noticing the mention of corporate social responsibility courses on resumes. Here are four reasons why this experience stands out to them.

Help companies develop green practices

Employees with knowledge of social responsibility are able to help companies develop green practices. They have the ability to observe all of the processes in a company and implement environmentally-friendly ideas. Some of these changes could be improving the energy efficiency of a building, providing green packaging for products, establishing a recycling program, eliminating excess waste, and managing pollution.

Ability to audit existing sustainable practices

Those with a background in corporate social responsibility have the ability to audit existing sustainable practices within companies. They can ensure that the company is following their own guidelines for sustainability, implement solutions if those guidelines are not being met, and find ways to improve their green practices.

Experience in balancing the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders

Employees who have taken social responsibility courses also have experience in balancing the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders including shareholders, customers, the local community, and the environment. They know that it’s important to maintain this balance and have a clear idea of how to do so.

Understanding of how companies can be influential for positive change

In addition, employees who have taken corporate social responsibility courses have a thorough understanding of how companies can be influential for positive change in the world. They can suggest and implement new ideas in order for the company to stand as an example to others. Social responsibility courses have taught them that change is contagious, especially when the loyalty of their customers depends on it.

Unity College offers a social responsibility course titled, “Sustainability, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility.” Students are encouraged to include the course in their studies and it’s open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the subject.

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