Business ethics has become an important component to businesses. Prospective employers like talking about business ethics, and many appreciate and encourage courses in the subject.

Ethics is a branch of philosophical thinking that studies all aspects of human behavior; it specifically reflects on what is right and wrong. Business ethics courses study the ethical and moral issues that can arise in a professional setting. It also encompasses the written and unwritten codes that define the principles and values that a business carries.

Business ethics is very important for businesses to embrace, and it encourages everyone involved to behave in an ethical way. There are a number of ethical issues, and all have the potential to leave an enormous impact on a business. The most fundamental issues are maintaining integrity and trust in everything that a business does. Additional issues include accommodating and accepting diversity, making empathetic decisions, and overseeing compliance with guidelines.

With the attention to business ethics continuing to grow, corporations have been focusing on adding employees to their team who have education in the area. They recognize the importance of employing people that have learned how to rationalize whether behaviors are ethical or unethical, in a variety of situations, and can feel comfortable voicing their opinions in a constructive way should the opportunity arise. Employees with knowledge of business ethics are also able to identify a company with responsible practices and will want to stay with the organization, which reduces turnover, and increases productivity.

Business leaders are also teaching current employees about business ethics and encouraging best practices that are met from an ethical point of view.

Unity College offers an online graduate course titled, “Business Ethics for 21st Century Leaders.” The course is an excellent way for students to be introduced to the subject, and it is helpful for career professionals to grow their knowledge about business ethics and to implement what they learn when the course concludes.

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