Greg Burr Graduation year: 1987

Degree program: Started off in Forestry, switched to Environmental Science

Hometown: Northwest Harbor, ME

Current location: Addison, ME

Position: Regional Fisheries Biologist

Employer: Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for the Grand Lakes Region out of Jonesboro Maine

Why did you choose Unity College?

 I enjoyed the central location of the college juxtaposition to the many outdoor activities that Maine has to offer like hiking, hunting and fishing.  I also enjoyed the ability to play basketball and run cross country at the collegiate level and receiving athletic scholarships that help me pay for school.  

What advice would you give to current Unity College students?

My advice is to use the college’s insight in helping students find off campus work-study positions, volunteer positions, internship positions and contract positions during the winter and summer breaks as this experience along with your degree will help you get a job in the field you choose.  Immerse yourself in your vocation and dare to dream!  

Did you complete an internship while at Unity College?

They did not have career services back then so my fisheries professor helped set up my internships and work-study positions.  I had an internship in Nova Scotia working on the Annapolis Royal River working with Shad and Striped Bass. An internship working at the Green Lake National Fish Hatchery and doing creel census with the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.  

Is your current job what you hoped you’d be doing with your Unity College degree?

My current job is in exactly the field I studied for.  I and my staff of two fisheries assistants manage all inland fish populations in the Downeast Region of Maine.  We are constantly doing fish sampling, angler interviews, working with Federal and Municipal fish partners, formulating stocking numbers and fishing regulations as well as finding land for freshwater public access.

  Overall, are you happy with your career and your Unity College education?

I love my current career!  There is nothing I would have done different education wise.  Unity College did a great job preparing me for my career!