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Melanie Goldstein ’22

Melanie, an Unity grad, smiles at the camera with her dog and the text Where Will Unity Take You in front of them.

When did you graduate, and what degree did you earn from Unity?

I graduated from Unity College with a B.S. in Animal Health and Behavior in December of 2022.

Where are you currently working, and what is your role?

I am currently working at the Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis, Indiana as an Orangutan Keeper.

How did your education at Unity benefit you in your career?

My education at Unity has benefited my career in many ways. One way it has benefited my career is by providing me with knowledge and skills. Unity has also improved my career on a personal level by allowing me to gain information about passions in my life while also allowing me to open up new career paths in the future. Lastly, I think Unity has built up my confidence and abilities in my career.  Taking different classes involving the behaviors of animals has helped build up the tools I need, and I am beyond grateful that Unity has been able to give me the ability to gain knowledge and skill for my career.

What advice would you give to future Unity graduates as they enter the workforce?

The advice I have for graduates entering the workforce is to be open to anything possible throughout your career. Take in all information possible and ask questions. Throughout my time in Indy so far, I have learned from more experienced keepers by asking questions and taking in all my experiences firsthand. Be present, open, and hard working!

Take in all information possible and ask questions.