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an environmental scientist inspecting a tree in a forest

What Are Green Jobs? Why They Are Becoming More Important

What exactly does it mean to work in a green industry? Let’s answer the questions of what is the green economy, what are green jobs, and what impact do they have on the world.

Seeing the negative effects of global warming firsthand can feel hopeless, especially as a young person, but there is hope. There are people all over the world dedicating their careers to the healing and preservation of the environment, and you can be one of them!

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What Is A Green Job?

Green jobs are any jobs that focus on preserving or protecting the natural environment. The goal of a green job may be to minimize environmental impact, support sustainable development, or conserve natural resources for future generations. Green jobs help make the world a better place for all living creatures. 

Someone in a green job could work on making clean energy more efficient, cleaning up pollution, or advocating for stricter environmental protections. Others may spend their days urban planning new bike routes in their city or farming with organic fertilizers and pesticides. Lastly, companies that produce sustainable products and/or services are also part of the green economy. 

What Are Green Industries?

Green jobs can exist in any industry that is attempting to operate more sustainably. For example, you could work for a manufacturing company that is attempting to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. However, as the need for greater efforts to protect the environment increases with climate change, specific green industries have emerged and are thriving. They include:

  • Renewable green energy
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Water management
  • Green construction
  • Conservation and biodiversity
  • Green transportation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, green job creation will continue to increase in the next decade. While the green economy is expected to grow overall, some industries will experience more growth faster than others. A report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) found that the renewable energy sector is creating green jobs in every state, with 114,000 new jobs nationally in 2022.

Discover environmental jobs that pay well, from environmental engineer to zoologist, and what degree you need to get them.

Why Are Green Jobs Important?

Increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels, reduced biodiversity, and more extreme weather are already affecting communities around the world. Green jobs are essential for tackling the negative effects of climate change, reducing pollution, and protecting ecosystems. One of the three pillars of sustainability is economic sustainability, and green jobs are a key part of ensuring the economy grows in healthy ways for the planet. 

Looking for jobs to help the environment? Find the best cities for green jobs in every region of the US.

two solar engineers inspecting a solar plant

There is a wide variety of jobs that help the world. Some may be mainly office or lab positions, doing research, or ensuring compliance with environmental laws. If you prefer to spend most of your time outside, check out our list of the top jobs for outdoor enthusiasts. Below are some of the most popular green jobs, the skills required for them, and the positive impact these jobs have on promoting environmental health and sustainability.

  • Sustainability Manager: Strong communication skills are needed to work with a variety of stakeholders to monitor and evaluate the company they work for and its environmental impact.
  • Solar Engineer:A science and math background is needed for this job designing solar panels and solar energy systems and improving their efficiency. 
  • Data Analyst: Green data analysts use technical skills and technology to analyze and interpret data and share their findings with relevant stakeholders.
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