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What Does an Environmental Emergency Planner Do?

Are you always a step ahead, making sure you have a plan in place, fully prepared for whatever the future may bring? Are you a leader, who can mobilize and motivate individuals to help your community? Then a career as an Environmental Emergency Planner might be the right fit for you! 

Environmental emergency planners are detail-oriented, working with local and state government, hospitals, and private companies to generate plans and procedures in case of an environmental emergency. The need for emergency planners is more important than ever, as the world is seeing more significant natural disasters than ever, and there’s plenty of room for growth. After roughly five years in the industry, you can work your way up to become an Emergency Management Director. 

Emergency Management Director Fast Facts

Education Requirement: 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree
Recommended Degree Program:

B.S. in Environmental Studies

Median Salary (2019)

$74,590 per year

Workers Employed in U.S. (2018) 9,900
Projected Job Openings by 2028 10,400
Projected Growth Rate +5%
Job Prospects Applicants with extensive work experience in an emergency management role are expected to have the best job prospects.

Degree Programs

Degree programs

to match your passion