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Category: Environmental Science

venn diagram of courses for wildlife conservation degree

September 10, 2018

6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Wildlife Conservation Degree at Unity College

When it comes time to decide what to do with the rest of your life, college is never a bad option. More education usually means more opportunities, which is especially true when it comes to earning a degree in wildlife conservation. That’s not a field you can just walk into. You’ve got to have specific knowledge, skills, and experience before you’ll get anywhere near real animals or habitats. Lucky for you, you’ve already got some skills. You’ve already acquired some of the knowledge necessary and you’re looking to finish your degree and get started on your new career. We’re here to help.

wildlife conservationist in the field releasing birds

Man in hard hat by logs

August 27, 2018

Born Leader? Love Science? Landscape Ecology Is Looking for You

Landscape ecology is an innovative and rewarding field that offers a variety of opportunities for those who pursue it. Landscape ecology studies the composition, structure, and function of landscapes. It examines landscape patterns, the interaction of elements within those patterns, and how they both change over time. The field is an important part of conservation… Read more »

group of students hiking through ferns and trees

August 13, 2018

Environmental Studies vs. Environmental Science: What is the Difference?

Students entering into environmental fields of study are united by a shared passion. They are deeply concerned about the fate of our planet, its natural resources, and its inhabitants. But even more importantly, they share the drive to do meaningful work that impacts the future of our planet in powerful ways. This often means getting… Read more »

Two individuals standing by solar panels

July 16, 2018

5 Career Paths with Your Environmental Science Degree

Environmental Scientists are helping lead the way toward a better future. Students in the field are gaining the leadership and analytical skills that will be in demand as we face tomorrow’s challenges. They’re addressing environmental problems head on, and they’re finding solutions that governments, private industry, and NGOs are turning to address issues of climate… Read more »