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Strategic Management of Innovation



This course is designed to help students understand the strategic, organizational, and human issues that can either help or hinder you (and the organizations, both private and public, you work for) in efforts to develop and implement science-based solutions to environmental and natural resource challenges. It combines the study of those principles needed to manage scientific innovation with an emphasis on how environmental innovation fits within an organization?s strategy and business model, and why they matter, and how one creates an innovative learning organization, drives change within an organization, and drives the adoption of the innovations the organization creates.
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Jun 3, 2024 — Jul 28, 2024

Aug 12, 2024 — Oct 6, 2024

Oct 21, 2024 — Dec 15, 2024

Jan 6, 2025 — Mar 2, 2025

Mar 17, 2025 — May 11, 2025

Jun 2, 2025 — Jul 27, 2025


Distance Education - Online

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For credit cost: $1950