The world is in need of stronger sustainable businesses and business practices.

The economy is rewarding businesses that go sustainable with increased profits, higher employee retention, and better public perception. In other words, sustainable business practices aren’t just a good idea—they’re a massive strategic advantage.

Unity College’s Online Sustainable Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides a cutting-edge education for the next generation of business leaders. With a curriculum based on principles of sustainability, students are ready for careers that balance the environment, society, and the bottom line.

A Sustainable MBA will challenge your assumptions about what a business education looks like. Students learn to analyze systems for environmental impacts and influences, and to focus on the needs of stakeholders, not just shareholders. Unity’s approach delivers a classic business education with a leading approach to environmental stewardship.

Businesses are adapting to new sustainability models through advances in supply chain management, manufacturing, transportation, and waste disposal. At all levels of a business’s operations, sustainability leads to new efficiencies.

Learning to look at business in a new way—as a system connected to our environment—equips you to start careers in countless areas. Here are three rewarding career paths for sustainable MBAs.

Sustainability Management

Sustainability managers play an integral role in companies and organizations seeking the benefits of adopting sustainability practices.

With a systems-thinking approach, sustainability managers help develop and deploy sustainable business practices and meet triple bottom line targets.

As members of the executive team, sustainability managers are looked to for leadership as promotors of sustainable strategies. They’ll need to be experts in the technology and data that drives a business’s sustainability efforts.

Unity’s culminating experience, Sustainable MBA Capstone II: Implementing Sustainable Business Initiatives (SBUS 690), gives students hands-on experience working with an organization to implement a sustainable business project. You’ll build a powerful skill set combining knowledge in finance, marketing, and operations with a deep understanding of environmental and sustainability principles.

Business Consulting

There are millions of businesses across the globe, and many want to be more sustainable but aren’t ready for a full-time sustainability manager. Those businesses turn to sustainability consultants for help.

Environmental and sustainability consultants work with a wide range of businesses and clients to reduce waste, fight emissions, and lower ecological impacts while contributing to performance and profitability. A consultant’s work will center on analyzing a business’s impact on the environment and finding ways to reduce or minimize that impact—whether that’s through reducing greenhouse emissions, waste, or other byproducts.

Sustainability consultants analyze an organization’s materials, energy management, and facilities. They may also help a business comply with environmental regulations, or help businesses define their sustainability goals based on stakeholder input

A Unity education will give you experience in solving real business problems while focusing on sustainability. You’ll learn how to develop data-driven solutions to sustainability issues.

Courses like Quantitative Methods for Sustainability Solutions (SBUS 540) and Leading Sustainable Change (SUST 515) prepare Unity’s graduates for dynamic careers with top consulting firms.


Sustainable entrepreneurs create new organizations that address real-world environmental problems while respecting the stakeholders and ecosystems involved. These creative entrepreneurs are visionaries who find business opportunities in the effort to solve environmental issues.

Consumers are signaling their support for sustainable businesses by consciously spending on products and services that help the environment. Entrepreneurs are answering this demand with new business models and innovations that aim to fix environmental problems. Governments are also lending a hand with financial support for small businesses that promise sustainability benefits with business incubator programs and financial backing.

Opportunities exist throughout the corporate and nonprofit world for professionals with Sustainable MBA-level experience. Whether you’re joining an established organization to guide its sustainability efforts, working alongside businesses as a partner and consultant, or forging your own path as a business owner, Unity’s Sustainable MBA gives you the tools to shape your future.

Ready to become a next-generation sustainable business leader?

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