Sustainability Science

Sustainability Science

Sustainability is not an add-on at Unity College. It’s What We Do. Our mission is nothing less than to work to ensure the sustainability of this planet and all of the life that calls it home—and we understand that failure is not an option. At Unity College, we think, live and work sustainably.

Sustainability Science Frames Our Curriculum

Our Environmental Citizen Curriculum is required in all baccalaureate degrees. Why? Because sustainability is not just about composting and photovoltaic solar panels. We believe that sustainability is an entire mindset for how we see ourselves and our interactions with the planet. It requires an understanding of how to manage energy and materials.

Our unifying framework of sustainability science stresses the connections among the many disciplines that comprise environmental studies, and prepares students to serve as knowledge brokers in environmental leadership roles in a wide range of careers. At the same time, students gain a solid liberal arts foundation to help them communicate and think critically about the complicated environmental challenges of our time. We consider coursework in project and financial management to be essential to post-graduate success.

Sustainability Starts at Home

We’ve signed on to the ACUPCC (American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment). In signing, we have pledged that our campus will become climate-neutral as soon as possible. Our students live in the first super-eficient, certified "passive house" student residence in the country, and they built our campus root cellar and animal barn.  Our sustainability staff includes over a dozen students and three full-time employees, working to minimize the environmental impact of our college and provide hands-on experience for our students.

Sustainability Science Works

We realize that global environmental change will be the central problem of our students’ lifetimes, and the demands of a rapidly changing environment have made traditional approaches obsolete. New ways of thinking and working together are needed. We have embraced the revolutionary approach of sustainability science, because its transdisciplinary, practice-oriented methods work, equipping students to preserve and reconstruct the ecology of the earth.

Visit our blog, the Unity College Sustainability Monitor to read more about our sustainability efforts on campus.