In 2017, Unity College adopted the Enterprise Education Model as its operational structure. This is very similar to a private affiliation system where there are different universities who each function independently and have programs and services that are unique to them, but use centralized administrative services to ensure institutional integrity, and effective integration, through compliance, assessment ,and policy.

The Unity College Enterprise Education Model has multiple Sustainable Education Business Units (SEBUs) who are each responsible for different aspects of the College.  They function independently with dedicated leadership (as a result of the Leadership in Abundance model, click here for more information), and have some shared services provided by the Enterprise Team.

We currently have three SEBUs – Distance Education, Flagship, and Sustainable Ventures. Because of this structure, we can be more proactive in addressing the needs of our current and future audiences, including learners, clients, and partners.  Click here to learn more about our SEBUs and how they are part of our new strategic plan.

For more information on the individual SEBUs, you can click on the links below.