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Student Ambassador Working Online

What Is A Student Ambassador?

You may have heard the buzz about student ambassador programs at colleges across the country, but what is a student ambassador? Whether you are interested in becoming an ambassador for your college or connecting with one to support you in your college admissions process, this article covers everything you need to know. 

More and more colleges are using student ambassadors to represent and advocate for their schools. Because student ambassadors can share first-hand experiences with prospective students considering that university, they are a powerful asset for colleges to boost their reputation and recruit talented new students. Keep reading to learn how getting involved in a student ambassador program can benefit you. 

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Unity Environmental University student ambassadors are available to chat with you today online or over the phone.

What Is A Student Ambassador?

A student ambassador, sometimes called a college ambassador, is a current student who volunteers to serve as a representative of their school to prospective students and their families. In a college ambassador program, current students may connect with prospective students online via email, social media, or a Zoom meeting. It’s like a brand ambassador but for a college.

Student ambassadors go beyond simply answering questions. They can provide advice about student life and help new students feel welcome before they even start classes. Student ambassador programs work so well because they offer genuine peer-to-peer interaction and an authentic glimpse into what it’s like to be a student at that school on a day-to-day basis.

What Do Student Ambassadors Do?

Student ambassador responsibilities vary by program and time of year. Ambassadors may focus more on answering admissions questions in the fall leading up to application deadlines. In the spring, they may answer more enrollment and registration questions. 

A typical student ambassador job description includes: 

  • Responding to prospective students
  • Engaging with prospective students on social media
  • Creating digital content for recruitment and orientation purposes
  • Mentor incoming students in the same degree when needed
  • Offer connections to internships/job that they may have

Why Should You Reach Out To A College Student Ambassador?

Now that you can answer the question, “What does a student ambassador do?” let’s explore the benefits of reaching out to one. College campus ambassadors can help make the transition from not being in school to college a little easier. They can be an initial support system at the college and help you build community as a new student. Research published in a higher education journal shows that student ambassadors help new students feel more connected to their college.

College admissions and registration processes can be confusing and overwhelming. Ambassadors have been through the process recently and can help with troubleshooting and positive encouragement. While ambassadors mostly support prospective students, you can reach out to them at any point in your higher education journey, whether you are a first-year student or a junior who is thinking about changing programs. 

Student Ambassador Program

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Benefits Of Becoming A Student Ambassador

There are several benefits of being a student ambassador. We have broken them down into three categories. 

  • Personal Development: You will gain satisfaction from helping others and maybe learn more about yourself through the process.
  • Career Advancement: Being an ambassador adds leadership experience to your resume. You will also have the opportunity to get to know new students in your program to build your professional network. 
  • Impact on the Community: You have a voice in how your college is represented and will have more power to affect positive change. In a study from Intead, over half of new students reported that student ambassadors were a significant factor in their decision to attend that school. That’s a big impact!

Being a student ambassador is also a great experience if you are interested in working at a college after graduation. 

How To Become A Student Ambassador

While each school has its own process for hiring student ambassadors, there are some general qualifications and procedures that you can expect:

Student Ambassadors Qualifications and Skills

Ideal student ambassador qualities include a genuine desire to help others and a positive attitude. It’s important to be confident and have good public speaking skills, as you will be interacting with new people. 

You should have good written communication skills as well since you will often be responding to students and families online. Great ambassadors are open-minded and comfortable interacting with different types of people.

Application Process

Contact your school’s advisor to make sure you are eligible and in good standing before sending an application to the student ambassador program. They will let you know what the steps are to apply. Each school will have specific requirements, such as maintaining a certain GPA and completing a training program. You will have to complete an application and an interview to make sure you are a good fit to represent the school. 

Student ambassador programs want a mix of ambassadors from a variety of different backgrounds and with a variety of majors to represent the diversity of the college. When you are applying, make sure to highlight what makes you a unique addition to the student ambassador program. 

Training and Support

College ambassador programs train their college ambassadors to ensure they are sharing correct information with other students and families. Training usually covers the following important student ambassador skills and knowledge:

  • Access to online communication avenues such as a student ambassador Facebook group
  • Respond on social media when needed (when a prospective student comments on a post asking if anyone has taken classes or is a current student)
  • Mentor incoming students in the same degree when needed
  • Communicate with prospective students when needed
  • Offer connections to internships/job that you may have

Because you have a lot of influence over the reputation of the school, college staff will be invested in helping you become a top-notch college ambassador. You can expect to have regular check-in meetings throughout your time in the program. 

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Unity College Student Ambassadors

Reach Out To A Student Ambassador At Unity Environmental University To Help Start Your Environmental Career

Do you appreciate getting real answers from a real person when you reach out to prospective colleges? That’s what student ambassador programs provide. When you speak to an ambassador, you are getting honest, unscripted information. 

If you are interested in an online degree to boost your environmental career, visit our Facebook group today or send us an email at In the meantime, check out these student testimonials for more insight into what it’s like to be a student at Unity Environmental University.