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Student Ambassadors

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Unity College Student Ambassadors

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Are you interested in attending Unity College but you would like to talk to a current student about their experience? Reach out to us today to schedule a time to chat. We look forward to talking with you!

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Student Ambassadors

Ashley Gamache

Bachelor’s in in Environmental Geospatial Technologies

Unity College Student, Ashley Gamache, developed a strong sense of wildlife preservation through outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, etc. as a child. Science taught her how much more there is to learn from the world and how many different possibilities there are going forward. She has spent most of her young life living in Connecticut. While studying Environmental Science at Rochester Institute of Technology, she lived in Rochester, New York, before moving to Franklin County, Maine. She is currently earning her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geospatial Technologies (GIS) through Distance Education at Unity College. Her life’s passion is to contribute, support her community, and make a difference in the world! After graduation, she plans to use her degree to work in the energy and urban development sector.

Rainy Lathrop

Completed Certificate in GIS
Bachelor’s in Wildlife Conservation

Unity College Student, Rainy, is enrolled in the Wildlife Conservation Bachler’s program, and recently finished her certification in GIS (geographic information system). With her degrees, she hopes to work with emergency teams after natural disasters, with the aid of drones and other GIS technologies. She would also like to work alongside other conservationists to map out cave systems and document the unique wildlife that makes them their homes. Currently, Rainy is located in Iowa and hopes that she will be able to use her future degrees to benefit local as well as global communities.

Javier Montanez

Bachelor’s in in Environmental Geospatial Technologies

Unity College Student, Javier Montanez, was born and raised in Patillas, Puerto Rico. Since elementary school, his passion has been sports and the outdoors. He won many soccer championships while in high school. As a youth, he not only was very versatile in sports, but he became a fitness enthusiast. While in school, his passion for science and math was evidenced by his good grades and participation in various science fairs. He got married, and now he has two amazing daughters. Living on the island was challenging for him and his new wife, so they decided to move to New Jersey for a start fresh. With training and experience in many different fields, he made a living with several different jobs but they all left him feeling unsatisfied and incomplete. He decided to move on to pursuing one of his goals in life: completing a degree in a career that will help him grow and challenge himself, and allow him to be part of a change for a better world. Now Javier is earning his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geospatial Technologies through Distance Education which he considers to be one of the best environmental colleges. For Javier, the best part of learning through Distance Education at Unity College is being able to balance home and work life, while receiving the education he needs to succeed in his professional career. His experience has been fantastic: the professors have helped him with his questions and doubts, always answering within a reasonable timeframe, and continuing to motivate him.

Sarah Pitman

Master’s in Environmental Science

Unity College Student, Sarah Pitman, is part of the Environmental Science Master’s program at Unity College. Currently based in Washington State, enrolling in this degree is part of her concerted career pivot into ecological restoration and research. She is especially interested in permaculture, intersectional environmentalism, and accessible science communication. After graduation, she hopes to focus on projects that support harmonious coexistence between humans and ecosystems, both locally and globally.

Meet Student Ambassador, Emily Verbois.

Bachelor’s in Wildlife Conservation

Unity College Student, Emily Verbois, is a Wildlife Conservation major studying remotely from Georgia. She chose Unity because they offered the major she wanted in a 100% online format, which meant she wouldn’t have to uproot her family for her education. Emily has loved all of the hands-on assignments so far. And feels it really helps to get out into local environments to really understand the subject matter. Her future career goals are to help stabilize wildlife populations in Georgia and also, hopefully, across the U.S., and to help humans and wildlife live in harmony.

Last Updated on February 3, 2022