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Internship Resources

Develop professional skills

Open doors to opportunities

The value of an Internship

Internships are an incredibly valuable part of your Hybrid Learning experience at Unity Environmental University. Not only do internships give you an opportunity to put your skills and knowledge into practice, you also have the chance to build your professional network and enhance your resume. 

At Unity Environmental University, we have a strong history of supporting students throughout their internship experience. The resources on this page are designed to help you get started in finding the right internship for you.  As you find opportunities that may be of interest, or you’d like to learn more about the internship process at Unity Environmental University, please contact your Hybrid Learning Coach. We’re here to help!

The importance of internship experiences

Dr. McKnight:
The importance of doing an internship

how to become a wildlife rehabilitator

The Internship Process at Unity Environmental University Hybrid Learning

Advice from Faculty

Faculty are an excellent resource for finding internships and gaining valuable advice. Unity Environmental University faculty are accomplished in their field and bring with them a strong professional network. Consider reaching out to faculty you’ve taken a class with and ask them about their internship experiences. Talk with them about what your goals are in an internship and ask what advice they may have to share.  Further, ask if they can connect you with organizations that might help you gain experience that will give you a strong resume and competitive edge when you start looking for jobs post-graduation.