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Category: Enterprise Education

A stand of trees viewed from the ground, looking up

December 04, 2018

Expanding our reach

Unity College Distance Education opens up opportunities for anyone in the world to earn a degree steeped in sustainability science Anyone who has searched for the perfect place to pursue a post-secondary degree knows that the best fit for a school isn’t always the one right down the road. It might not be in your… Read more »

student Eli Walker with an injured cheetah

November 04, 2018

Spirits Soar at Unity College: Sky Lodge ribbon cutting

Unity College and Moose River Valley celebrate momentous gift On a perfect sunny September day, Sky Lodge, a historic sporting lodge sitting on more than 150 acres in the Moose River Valley, officially became Unity College: Sky Lodge. The lodge and its grounds hummed with energy and excitement, with an atmosphere that was less procedural… Read more »

November 04, 2018

Unity College 2025: Building the Next Strategic Plan

New strategic plan to build on success and expand service to students and society What comes to mind when you hear the words “strategic plan?” For many, the phrase elicits groans and conjures images of dusty tomes tucked away and forgotten in a bottom drawer somewhere. Notebooks that rarely, if ever, see the light of… Read more »

March 26, 2018

Teaching from a Distance

Wildlife Biologist Dr. Brent Bibles adds expertise to Master’s programming Dr. Brent Bibles could tell you a story or two about the differences between graduates and undergraduates. Where undergraduate students spend as much of the college experience finding themselves as earning their degrees, graduate students are more at a point in their lives where they… Read more »

December 01, 2017

Not your average business degree

New Sustainable Business Enterprise Major the future of business Study after study demonstrates that “going green” is good business. Switching to solar, fuel cell or wind technology can earn companies a 30% tax credit on their energy expenditures. According to a UCLA study, companies that voluntarily adopt “green” practices and standards have 16 percent more… Read more »

November 26, 2017

Captive Wildlife Goes Global with New International Faculty

Captive Wildlife Care and Education at Unity College provides integrative, hands-on training and experience, preparing students to become expert wildlife rehabilitators, educators, conservationists, and advocates. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to work with organizations across the globe and work closely with species they’re likely to encounter in careers after graduation —… Read more »

November 26, 2017

A Year of Firsts

Unity College Graduates First Master’s Students With the introduction of the Distance Education program, Unity College has experienced a lot of firsts in the past year: the first graduate degree ever offered at America’s Environmental College. The first degree it’s ever offered completely online. The first full-time faculty member on staff strictly for Distance Education.… Read more »

November 26, 2017

Camps, Eco Tours, and Unique Venues

What does it mean to be America’s Environmental College? To be — and prepare — leaders in sustainability science? It means looking beyond the standard limits of higher education. It means bringing environmental education and sustainability initiatives wherever they’re needed, whether you’re a recent high school graduate, a middle-schooler, or well into your career, whether… Read more »

November 01, 2017

New Director of Career Services Ready to Dive into Student Aspirations

When a student comes into Director of Career Services Sharon Bannon’s office, she never knows what kind of adventure they’ll bring. Do they want to be a dolphin trainer? An international businesswoman? The director of an environmental non-profit? No two students are alike. Some have no idea what they want to do or what their… Read more »

June 14, 2017

Unity College adds seasoned leader to diversity and inclusion leadership post

Unity College’s first-ever Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Dr. Rana Johnson, brings a lifetime of experience in and love for higher education to the new position, created to inculturate what it truly means to be a global citizen at Unity College. The office is expected to pioneer new collaborative efforts among campus entities, while also… Read more »

June 14, 2017

Investing in Success: New Faces and Roles

Dr. Erika Latty: Chief Academic Officer The CAO at Unity College serves as first among equals in academic and curricular matters overseeing faculty, curriculum, academic policy, and delivery of academic programs. Dr. Erika Latty, Professor of Botany, is a forest ecologist who specializes in the effects of introduced tree disease on forest structure. Erika previously served… Read more »

June 14, 2017

After all, Unity

Few would disagree that this past election year in America was a polarizing one. Poll after poll has shown that there are strong opinions on all sides —  and the tension has continued into the first few months of this year. Amongst it all, Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury has implored students, faculty, and… Read more »

June 14, 2017

Love Maine Radio

An Interview with President Khoury Maine Magazine’s podcast Love Maine Radio featured an interview with President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury in mid-March. Host Lisa Belisle asked some hard-hitting questions about Unity and the state of higher education as a whole. Below are some excerpts from the transcript. Lisa Belisle: Unity is a very unique place.… Read more »

June 14, 2017

Diving Deep into Enterprise Education

On one of the first fine spring days of 2017, Dr. Melik Peter Khoury stood before an eager faculty and staff at the Unity College Center for the Arts and shared the much-anticipated results of the Strategic Branding Initiative. Known colloquially as the “Deep Dive,” the Strategic Branding Initiative was a four-year, $450,000 project funded… Read more »

June 14, 2017

The changing demographics of Higher Education

For years educators have known that today’s “typical” college student is not at all typical. Long gone are the days of young, likely white, males exclusively reading the classics under spreading oak trees on the campuses of private, four-year institutions just after graduating from high school. We live in an age where 47 percent of… Read more »

June 05, 2017

Sustainability and entrepreneurship come together in Unity

College introduces a master’s and a bachelor’s in sustainable business As sustainability continues to positively impact business and the economy, Unity College is expanding its efforts to revolutionize how entrepreneurs interact with businesses, nonprofits, government institutions, and the world around them. With the introduction of two new business-focused programs, Unity will expand its constituency and… Read more »

October 14, 2016

Unity Innovates Structure

New schools replace centers, new staff will provide support to help students achieve goals Fresh off its 50th anniversary, two consecutive years of record enrollment, and the unveiling of its first-ever graduate degree online, Unity College announced in June that the School of Environmental Citizenship and the School of Biodiversity Conservation would replace five “centers”… Read more »

October 14, 2016

McKay Farm: A budding laboratory for sustainable agriculture

Soon after arriving at Unity College, Dr. Melik Peter Khoury was approached by a potential donor with an intriguing proposal. Where once there was a greenhouse and garden store in a rural town, could there be a sustainable agriculture living laboratory? Khoury thought so. It would become the Unity College McKay Farm and Research Station,… Read more »

October 14, 2016

Presidential Profile: A Life of Adaptation

One morning in September, Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury was speaking to a private foundation about reinventing the college experience. Later that day, we found him serving up burgers at Wyman Commons. “Local beef or veggie?” he says to a student in line. “After that soccer game yesterday, it’s no wonder you’re hungry.”… Read more »

Janis Balda

October 14, 2016

Strategic Plan provides Building Blocks for Growth

Unity College has been at the leading edge of change since its inception as an unlikely economic driver for Waldo County. “At Unity College, we believe the threat to the planet, and the resulting changes in how we work and live, will affect all aspects of government, business and education,” Unity College President Dr. Melik… Read more »