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Wendi Richards

April 28, 2022

Unity College Announces Hiring of Director of Career Placement and Corporate Partnerships

Wendi Richards Leads Critical Position Ensuring Student Success Unity College has announced the hiring of Wendi Richards as the College’s new Director of Career Placement and Corporate Partnerships. This position will develop a strong network of employers to offer greater opportunities for every Unity College student. This includes helping students find career-enhancing internships or jobs… Read more »

Bees on honeycomb

April 22, 2022

In Recognition of Earth Day

“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth … these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security, and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.” B-KM April 22, 2022 Greetings Unity College Colleagues,… Read more »

Sylvia Washington

March 31, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter

View the March 2022 Newsletter here.

fisheries floating

March 28, 2022

Unity College Teams up with Ocean Conservancy to Create Ocean Justice Micro-Course

Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury has announced a partnership with Ocean Conservancy that will provide non-credit skills advancement for Ocean Conservancy employees. “We historically have focused primarily on credit bearing, degree seeking students. This is an evolution in partnership with organizations that already have employees who might not be looking for degrees but… Read more »

aerial view of lakes and trees, with yellow biplane flying across

March 18, 2022

Unity College Announces Details of May 2022 Graduation Ceremony

Dr. Sylvia Washington Announced as Honored Commencement Speaker This May, Unity College invites students to its 90 Quaker Hill location for an in-person spring commencement ceremony. America’s Environmental College is proud to graduate 137 students during this hybrid, in-person, and online event. Just as the college strives to provide students with maximum flexibility in the… Read more »

wind turbines in a field

February 28, 2022

Newsletter February 2022

View the Newsletter here

aerial view of lakes and trees, with yellow biplane flying across

February 23, 2022

Unity College Receives Updated Classification from Prestigious Carnegie Commission

Unity Now Recognized as Master’s Colleges & Universities: Small Programs Unity College has announced the Carnegie Commission has reclassified the institution as a Master’s Colleges & Universities: Small Programs. This is a significant change from the college’s former classification as a baccalaureate college. President of the Unity College Enterprise, Dr. Erika Latty, says, “The new… Read more »

February 09, 2022

Student First Approach Leads to Record Breaking Enrollment

Unity College Commits to Leading on Environmental Science Education Accessibility Unity College is now seeing exponential growth – thanks to an audience-centered approach, which puts our students and their needs first. So, how did Unity College ascend from an institution that has never had more than 800 students in its 50-year history, to a college… Read more »

aerial view of lakes and trees, with yellow biplane flying across

February 03, 2022

Highlighting Inspiring Pioneers during Black History Month

Dear Unity College Colleagues, As we begin the month of February, we have many things to celebrate here at Unity College including our growing enrollment and making sound progress in providing access to a more diverse student body. I agree with the great Morgan Freeman when he said “Black history is American history,” but sometimes… Read more »

January 27, 2022

Unity College Celebrates Decade of Divestment

Committed to Growing Our Divested Endowment to Support Student Access After becoming the first institution of higher education to divest from fossil fuels, Unity College is celebrating a decade of divestment in 2022. Now, the focus at America’s Environmental College is on ensuring more students across the country and around the world are able to… Read more »


January 17, 2022

In Honor of MLK

Dear Unity College Colleagues, As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day today, it is important to reflect on his legacy and the lasting impact he had on not just the United States, but the world. It is also important that we actively honor his legacy by modeling the values he lived by. Like many of… Read more »

wind turbines in a field

January 07, 2022

Dr. Stephen Mulkey on Divestment

“The overarching mission of higher education is the maintenance and renewal of civilization. It is morally indefensible that an institution dedicated to the proposition of the renewal of civilization would simultaneously invest in its destruction. Divestment is not optional.” As Unity College looks toward the future, and the next decade post-fossil fuel divestment, it is… Read more »

January 04, 2022

A New Dean with a Conservation Dream

Dr. Kelly Boyer Ontl Joins Unity College as New Dean of Environmental Conservation and Research Finding your path in life is no easy task, for some of us it takes years, while others are born with an innate calling. For Unity College’s new Distance Education Dean of Environmental Conservation and Research, Dr. Kelly Boyer Ontl,… Read more »

December 13, 2021

5 Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh Through the Holidays

When it comes to keeping your Christmas tree fresh, there are some old wives’ tales to avoid – like putting an aspirin or even vodka in the tree stand water! None of this will help the basic process by which water moves up through the trunk of the tree to the branches. However, there are… Read more »

aerial view of lakes and trees, with yellow biplane flying across

December 01, 2021

Unity College Announces New Distance Education Dean of Education and Environmental Studies

Dr. Uzell Williams Looks to Focus on Student Success Unity College Distance Education Vice President Donavan Outten has announced the hiring of Dr. Uzell Williams as Dean of General Education and Environmental Studies for Distance Education. Dr. Williams comes to Unity College from Florida where she has worked in higher education for more than a… Read more »


November 23, 2021

Unity Magazine 2021

Greetings!   For more than a decade, a clear shift has been occurring in higher education. Fewer students are choosing residential programming than in the past, while at the same time more place-bound adult learners have returned to the fold. All of this has been accelerated throughout the ongoing pandemic. Now, more and more people… Read more »

HyFlex Classroom

October 28, 2021

Unity College Awarded $363,310 Distance Learning Grant

Investment Will Support HyFlex Classroom Project The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that Unity College will receive more than $360,000 as part of a $50 million-dollar nationwide investment to improve rural education and healthcare. This investment will be used in support of the college’s HyFlex Classroom Project. These innovative classrooms will provide students at… Read more »

October 04, 2021

12 Jobs that Make the World a Better Place

Are you looking for a job that’s far more than just a paycheck? Choosing a career path that allows you to help change society for the better can be deeply rewarding—you might even be a part of saving the world. Below, we’ve listed some careers in public service, green energy, and technical trades. Each of… Read more »

Changing Higher Ed Podcast

October 04, 2021

Innovating the Higher Ed Business Model

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury on Changing Higher Ed “What truly distinguises Dr. Khoury are his unique skills that enable him to guide institutions through times of disruption. He specializes in working with tuition-driven colleges, helping them to become viable in the 21st century, while providing them with innovative, sustainable plans that allow for their long-term… Read more »

aerial view of lakes and trees, with yellow biplane flying across

September 20, 2021

Unity College Makes Key Hires to Support Student Experience and Continued Growth

College Positions Itself for Scalability for Decades to Come Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury says the College is on a trajectory to eventually break the 10,000 student mark. The college’s Distance Education Program has doubled its enrollment size every year since its inception, and to support that growth Dr. Khoury has hired a… Read more »