Many students and seasoned professionals consider the option of pursuing a master’s degree. The degrees carry a variety of benefits that include a higher earning potential and more opportunities within companies.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 88% of Americans have a high school diploma and 33% have a bachelor’s degree while 12% hold a master’s degree or doctorate.

The bureau reports that Americans who have a high school diploma earn a salary of around $38,376. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree typically earn $59,124. The earning potential of those who have completed a professional master’s program jumps to $69,732 per year.

Earning a master’s degree is important in most fields, but it can be especially beneficial in business, technology, and science. Those who pursue a higher degree in these fields have the possibility of earning 70% more throughout their career than those who only have a bachelor’s degree.

Having a master’s degree is very helpful when searching for a new position or advancing in an existing career. Company leaders place a high value on the education associated with a master’s degree in potential employees and seek out those who have earned one.

Many times, the degrees have a pinpointed focus that centers on one particular subject. This enables students to dive into the subject matter and explore every relative detail about a topic. Potential employees can take their focused education to a new position and implement what they learned, propelling the company forward.

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