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Mike Koutelis, a champion of sustainability

Mike Koutelis, a champion of sustainability

Michael Koutelis has had a long diverse career protecting the environment and advocating for human welfare. He started his career as a crisis negotiator in Illinois before working as an inner-city police officer in Peoria.

Eventually, he moved back to New England and became deeply involved in the energy and environmental industries, with a focus on improving practices to support a sustainable world. Mike has worked on major AMR water projects & renewable energy deployment in the United States while employed by Advanced Technology Limited in the United Kingdom and as a consultant in the field. Koutelis has been involved in energy efficiency technologies for over 30 years, providing utility consulting and development of new energy emerging technology to the marketplace.

Now a master gardener in New Hampshire, he works in community gardens and along side his wife Rose at the NH food bank. Mike strives to give back as much as possible in todays complex and challenging world.

Mike is also passionate about education, he has worked as a tutor with New American Scholars that focuses on teaching immigrants english, and he frequently speaks about climate change and other environmental issues around the state. He hopes to become more involved in teaching and mentoring students!

Mike remains committed to promoting change and building on new ideas, he is a true inspiration and a role model for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment and their community.

In addition to his extensive environmental work, Mike is also a proud grandfather and father. His granddaughter Samantha is planning on joining him as a proud Unity alum in the future. She plans to join Unity’s Distance Education program studying animal health and behavior in the fall of 2023!

“I work with an invisible fence company currently and have been with them for a year. It peaked my interest in dog behavior and animal behavior science when there was some clientele we wouldn’t be able to train due to an overly aggressive dog. I want to use this degree to eventually either become a behavorialist who works with very nervous or seemly irredeemable dogs, or work to train service dogs for the mentally/physically disabled!”
— Samantha Silva, BS in Animal Health & Behavior