Unity College has become a leader in environmental education since its establishment more than 50 years ago. For those who aren’t familiar with Unity, here are the 10 best kept secrets of the college.


Unity College is the first in the nation to center its curriculum on sustainable science. All 17 environmentally focused majors are built on the fundamentals of sustainability. This provides students with a unique education that will prepare them to do great things for the environment.

Creating a movement

In 2012, Unity became the first college to divest from investments in fossil fuels. This announcement created a movement throughout the nation when students petitioned their colleges and universities to follow suite. A handful did, primarily in the New England area, and the movement continues today to reach even more institutions.

Innovative campus

Unity College sits on 225 acres in Maine, tucked in between woodlands, mountains, a lake, open fields, and the coastline. Three climate zones surround the area, leading to a very unique setting that is optimal for students to explore and learn in. The campus features the first super-efficient certified “passive house” in the country; a building that requires very little energy to run efficiently, thus reducing its environmental footprint. A root cellar, animal barn, and three LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified residence halls are also located on campus.

New addition

Sky Lodge, a historic hunting and fishing lodge located near Moose River was recently donated to Unity. The lodge sits on 150 acres of land and includes 16 buildings along with a 7500 square foot main lodge. The new addition will be used for field research and business learning. It will also host destination-based sustainable training for professionals.

Unique introduction

In order to be fully immersed into the community and culture that is Unity College, students partake in Nova, a trip that includes trail work, hiking, camping, community-building initiatives, and service projects. They are expected to actively participate in all aspects, including planning, decision making, and risk management. Nova, led by current students and alumni, encourages both personal and social growth, and environmental stewardship.

Dedicated professors

Unity College boasts some of the top minds in sustainable science that have completed research all over the world. The faculty are celebrated and award-winning scholars that have displayed work at an international level, discovered new species, and acted as consultants to law enforcement. Professors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and passion for sustainability with students. With small online classroom sizes, professors often become mentors, working closely with each student. Learn more by visiting https://online.unity.edu/graduate-online-faculty/.

Capstone projects

Unity College offers capstone projects for students to complete during their online education. These projects enable students to learn about subjects that are related to their current positions and professional backgrounds. Once completed, the projects are designed so students can integrate their experience outside the classroom.

Low tuition

Unity College has strived to maintain low tuition rates for students and their families. The rates are lower than the national average of colleges and universities. This has created the opportunity for even more students to attend and receive an affordable, environmentally focused education. In addition, a discount is offered to those who have or currently serve in the military.

Career counseling

One-on-one career counseling is always available to online graduate students at Unity. The counselors are vested in helping students achieve success in their education and career.

Credit for prior learning

Unity College students have the opportunity to apply to earn credit for previous learning experiences. Examples include professional licenses and credentials, prepared portfolio documenting skills and knowledge, exams, training, and certifications. Online courses are asynchronous, meaning students are not required to be online at a specific time.

Learn more about Unity College by visiting online.unity.edu/learn-more or call 1-833-UnityGO.